Nintendo on Smash Bros. Ultimate not being a port, Sakurai's health, Bandai Namco developing

As many suspected, Bandai Namco is involved with the development of Smash Bros. Ultimate. This info is confirmed by a listing on Nintendo's official E3 site.

Along with that info, Game Informer sat down with Bill Trinen to discuss a few different Smash Bros. Ultimate topics. You can see some tidbits of that interview below.

On Sakurai's health...

Trinen: He’s totally fine. I think he had wrist issues during the development of the Wii U game. He’s fine now. My understanding is he got over it, did some rehabilitation on it, and is in good shape.

On Smash Bros. Ultimate not being a port...

Trinen: Yeah. Every Smash Bros. game is a new game. I think for me personally what really defines it as a new game is just the core change to the core mechanics. When you change the speed like that, that cascades through character motion, through the speed at which the various moves are coming out, the animations and whatnot, and you have to rebalance every character in the game, so then as a player, when you come in to start playing the game, you’re having to re-learn every character in the game. Essentially when those core mechanics are new, then the game becomes new. Then, as you saw, in addition to changing the core mechanics you’ve got characters that have new models, characters that have new moves or dramatically changed moves. Changes to even the final smashes and the speed in which those happen to match the tempo of the game and things like that. To me, overall, once you’ve changed that core mechanic, you really are looking at a new game.

Check out more tidbits here

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I don’t have an issue with the graphics since ssb4 was good already, and I prefer that they enhance features rather than looking pretty.

So it's a port. A new port.


Tue Jun 12 18 02:43pm
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It's SSB 4.5, a new game based on the old one. This is what I expected it to be, and I'm perfectly okay with that. SSB 4 looked awesome on the Wii U and this looks awesome on the Switch as well.

It's like Mario Tennis Aces (same engine as Ultra Smash, new game), Splatoon 2 (same engine as Splatoon, but new game). They've changed enough to make it a new game, but they didn't completely rewrite the engine.

Yup. It's entirely unnecessary to rebuild every aspect from the ground up and would only serve to substantially lengthen the development time. I'll gladly take what we're getting in 2018.

Simon Belmont should obviously be there though... there's still time to make this right, Sakurai.

Simon Belmont is a Konami character and Konami really doesn't care about Castlevania anymore ;) So the possibility of him appearing in Smash is absolute 0.

Tue Jun 12 18 02:56pm
(Updated 1 time)

Absolute zero chance? Nope. Snake just came back, after all, and Bomberman is an assist trophy.

Konami still likes money very much and is licensing out its classic franchises in all sorts of ways to make it.

Sanke and Bomberman are still really active for Konami ;) It's been a long time since the last Castlevania game and the original creator of Castlevania isn't with Konami anymore.

I have to keep the faith alive, sir... I have to. Castlevania is just too perfect for Smash. Maybe still one day.

Tue Jun 12 18 03:02pm
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I expected it to essentially be a tweaked Wii U version, but I still had hope that it would contain a new Subspace Emissary. But nope. If you don't have a bunch of people to bring over for couch multiplayer you're kinda screwed. Because online play for Smash fails to keep me interested long term, unlike online games like Splatoon. Smash multiplayer is meant for playing locally, so without any single-player content I'm kinda iffy about getting it. I still may, but I'll do so begrudgingly.

I don’t have an issue with the graphics since ssb4 was good already, and I prefer that they enhance features rather than looking pretty.

Trinen got pretty defensive about that port question.

It's in a new engine, at a new speed, with different characters and levels and trophies and items, and new moves and mechanics and designs. Why do people keep insisting it's a port?

I think because it's reusing assets, but I don't view that as a negative thing at all. Why unnecessarily rebuild something from the ground up when a strong foundation already exists? Just to say you did? No thanks. I'd rather have the game finished in 2018. Reuse assets all you like!

I have little problem with the character roster or the graphics engine.

What I truly wish is that they shake up things with the gameplay modes.
Sure, a massive subspace emmisary thing again would be too much (and unneccesary IMO), but I hope the team manages to include some new features like some sort of adventure mode (no story, just a single player game with short 2D stages), a break the targets level editor (the team can't create separate stages for each character like in Melee because there are just too many characters? no problema, leave it to the players).

On the other hand if the game modes remain the same as in Wii U, or hell, they don't even change the menu, this might as well be even more of a port THAN Mario Kart 8 Delux...which after all also included pretty much everything Smash is getting: new characters, returning characters, DLC content, new gameplay tricks with two items, new tracks in the form of the battle stages, and of course: new gameplay modes.

If the modes are the same from the Wii U and 3DS versions, then we can start calling it a port. I'm not expecting that to be the case.

I think Smash Ultimate looks great but I can't help but be disappointed that we're getting barely any new characters and we heard nothing about a single player experience or even an HD smash run. Wii U got VERY boring to me cause of the lackluster online and lame single player content. There is SO many 1st party characters they could've added instead of bringing back crap like Young Link, Pichu, Dark Pit, Dr. Mario, etc just to try and please everyone..

Wed Jun 13 18 01:27am
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It uses the same engine. Many games use the Unreal engine. It doesn't mean everything is a port.

Sakurai and co obviously put a lot of effort in Smash Ultmate.And it looks great and fresh and not looking like a cheap port.



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