Splatoon 2 - New weapons coming until December, more stages coming, Octo Expansion launching tomorrow!

Nintendo has confirmed that Splatoon 2 is going to get even more weapon updates and new stages than originally planned. It was confirmed that another round of new weapons will be hitting all the way up to December this year, and some new stages are on the way as well.

Finally, Nintendo confirmed that the Octo Expanasion for Splatoon 2 is launching TOMORROW!

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Yeah...WOW...the reaction to that news was electric. I wasn't expecting the Octo Expansion until July or something. This is awesome news! This is one reason I love Nintendo. They don't save ALL their information for their presser/Direct. They continue to announce things all day...all WEEK long!

Also....I want that octo-girl amiibo!!!

Cool, but why wasn't this in the Direct?

Why give a generic Summer release when they know it releases tomorrow? Oh well, I’m happy anyhow.

RMC is FAST! I got on GoNintendo right after they announced this at the Splatoon tournament (<1min I'd guess) and it was already on the site!

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