What did you think of Nintendo Direct: E3 2018?

Thought I'd open this up to you guys/gals for some discussion. Hit up the poll and vote to let us know what you thought. You can take things a step further and reply to the tweet, or get some discussion going in this post!

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Where's the "I liked it" but not enough to throw an exclamation mark?

Where's the "I liked it" but not enough to throw an exclamation mark?

Tue Jun 12 18 06:00pm
Rating: 1

I liked it. That mecha-cell shaded game for 2019 was a nice surprise. I would have liked to have seen more Metroid Prime 4, but Ridley being in Smash Bros. was good enough. Killer Queen Black being confirmed was good too.

And after the Direct there was the Ridley amiibo.

I understand people with super expectations being disappointed, but I'll be busy gaming for the rest of the year. That's for sure.

Buckin berry confirmed for smash!!

Tue Jun 12 18 06:07pm
Rating: 1

Good if you liked Smash. Okay to meh if you liked virtually anything else.

I’m gonna say I liked it. I could see why people would be disappointed in spending 30 min on smash. Me, personally, I thought what they shown was pretty rad. Plus, it’s releasing this year.

Smash was godlike and the quality of most of the games was good. The only problem was that there wasn't much 2018 titles and now August/Sept has a drought...

Tue Jun 12 18 06:13pm
Rating: 1

It was a great direct. Not so much for the people who like to make reaction videos with over exaggerated hysteria, but Nintendo delivered a lot of content for the Switch for the rest of the year. I'm all set.

Tue Jun 12 18 06:13pm
Rating: 1

Smash is great but it's still only one game. It's clear they don't have the content in terms of quantity this year.

Where is Odyssey DLC?

Tue Jun 12 18 06:13pm
Rating: 1

The direct overall was fine, the smash info was great. Would have liked to have seen more details on their online subscription plans, Metroid 4, and maybe a few more surprise 1st/3rd party in development games.

Tue Jun 12 18 06:15pm
Rating: 3

Boy that one sucked. It wasn't as bad as 2008 or anything but underwhelming is the word of the day. Do you care about Smash? Hope so cause you're not getting much else!

There wasn’t much for me this E3 but there are a few titles coming this year that weren’t featured like Sega Ages that I’ll be happy to get.

The first party games I’d hoped to see will come eventually and I’m happy to wait years, lol

Tue Jun 12 18 06:19pm
Rating: 1

It was alright. I mostly wanted to see Fire Emblem so I got it. Would have been nice to see Retro's game, Metroid 4 and Bayonetta 3. Smash was great but 20 min of it was too much. I wish they somehow showed the 2019 Pokemon game too.

I had to check my calendar when the direct was over because I thought it was 2015 all over again..

Tue Jun 12 18 06:29pm
Rating: 3 (Updated 2 times)

It was disappointing. What was announced to get excited about? Mario Party? Whoop-de-do.

Ridley in Smash was cool but I can't get excited about Smash anymore. I'm burnt out on the series. I need 7 to 10 years of not playing Smash and then maybe I could get excited about the series again. And when I do want to play a match I'd rather play an entry I am familiar with rather than try to figure out the tens of thousands of changes they made.

When I would complain about the drought this year, the lack of new games, people would say yeah but we are getting Yoshi later this year, we are getting Fire Emblem later this year. Nope. You were wrong about that weren't ya.

So forgettable and lackluster. I can barely even remember what was shown because it was all things I don't care about. Was there any big announcement to get excited over?

The mech game is the only thing I have some interest in. But it is cautious optimism. I'm not blown away or sure it will be great. I thought it was going to be a Xenoblade X spinoff at first because the mechs remind me of that game and they kept showing an X on the screen. The music was grating.

I don't think I have ever been less excited after seeing a Nintendo E3 presentation. There is still hope that they will announce something good during Treehouse Live later.

Edit: And what about Retro dammit? At this point it is just cruel. Retro, you have fans you know? You can't just go silent on them for this long. Give us something you jerks.

I give it a resounding "Meh"

-Smash was an expected delight, although the added clones with no changes annoys me. I mean really, 3 Links? No reason Toon Link can't be his own.
-Ridley is finally IN
-The new FE looks interesting (I don't really care for the series though)
-Fortnite will do great for the Switch
-Indie support as always.
-Xenoblade 2 Story DLC

-Absolutely nothing shown past 2018.
-Understandably, no Metroid Prime 4, but come on. Not even teaser art?
-5 years after Animal Crossing New Leaf, where is a Switch versoin. Again, not even a quick teaser or simple "AC is in development"
-Where is Retro's game??
-Bayonetta 3?
-Oh, and this was wishful thinking, but I was hoping for a new Kid Icarus.

Side note: Is the 3DS officially dead now?

I hate this trend of Nintendo hording reveals of future titles. You don't even have to give us a trailer, just a quick confirmation of "X is currently in development" just let you consumers know that such games are indeed being worked on right now.

I hate this trend of Nintendo holding reveals of future titles. You don't even have to give us a trailer, just a quick confirmation of "X is currently in development" just let you consumers know that such games are indeed being worked on right now.

Miyamoto once said that he doesn't like revealing games that are not near completion or that are early in development. Remember that those are subject to change; the final product can either be completely different or canceled altogether, and that tarnishes the reputation of the publisher and the dev. If the 3rd party wants to show games early in development, fine, but don't expect that much from Nintendo.

Side note: Is the 3DS officially dead now?


Oh, and this was wishful thinking, but I was hoping for a new Kid Icarus.

Sakurai is working on Smash Bros. right now. He can't make 2 projects at the same time.

My expectations were that we would have only 1 disappointing reveal of starfox racing, that we would see only trailers for the games planned for this year, and that the direct would be mostly Smash, I was wrong on the reveals, new Mario Party looks great, Daemon X Machina looks great, but Fire Emblem Three Houses was delayed, Yoshi's Felt Fandango was not shown and has potentially been delayed, and Travis Strikes again was a no show. So even though I went in with very low expectations I was still somehow let down.

I'm just going to point this out as a side. Nintendo were able to reveal 7 WiiU games for E3 2014, the WiiU's second post release E3, and that was a year in which the WiiU was competing for development teams against the 3ds, when Nintendo were going through the growing pains of adapting to HD development and while Nintendo were transitioning their internal studios to their EPD mega studio, so in spite of not having any of these problems, Nintendo were somehow unable to match their WiiU dark ages.

It was pretty mediocre, but it's fine. 2017 was a huge year for Nintendo, and it was unrealistic to expect 2018 to match it. There's plenty to play on the Switch, so it's all good.

I do wish Nintendo would have at least teased some Metroid Prime 4 footage and had Super Mario Maker 2 to pad out the 2018 holidays. I was betting high on SMM2 being a 2018 title. Rats.

It was underwheling.

On the one hand, I didn't get any Bayonetta 3 news, so I'm sad.

On the other hand, they had a rapid-fire of great-looking games leading into Smash, so it was still good.

I only watch 2 E3 presentations live, Nintendo's and Sony's, and both were solid B grades this year.

Tue Jun 12 18 07:10pm
Rating: 1

It was basically a Smash Direct. I honestly feel disappointed overall. Daemon X Machina and Fire Emblem looked cool at least.

The presentation was Okay. Comparing it to the Playstation conference, well, they were about the same.

Tue Jun 12 18 07:18pm
(Updated 1 time)

I expected more games honestly. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't as mind-blowing as I was anticipating based on the lackluster first half of 2018.

That isn't to say that there isn't anything interesting coming, but the second half of the year seems reliant on Pokemon and Smash...no small games, but there wasn't a megaton announcement to be found.

Fire Emblem's announcement was lackluster even compared with Fates' announcement. That game needs some severe polish before they release it. Glad they pushed it back.

It's a good thing Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate will take me through most of the latter half of 2018

I was surprised again by the total absence of Retro. No mention of any of the 3DS stuff they showed in previous directs either. That was worth a sizzle reel at least?

Was waiting on more Wii U enhanced ports as well. Xenoblade Chronicles X, Tokyo Mirage Sessions, Super Mario Maker, etc..

I was so sure that the success of the Switch would bring more new big guns from 3rd parties like Daemon. Was also hoping for that Seiken Densetsu collection to come through.

It was more family focused than last year's more core E3.

Hopefully we get more secret reveals soon.

I'm firmly in the "meh" camp.

I could have done with a few more surprises and maybe a few more new Smash Bros. fighters. Maybe see what Retro's working on. Some new images of Metroid Prime 4, as well. But it wasn't awful, thank goodness.

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