Fortnite news - Pro-Am winners, 125 million players worldwide, 2019 World Cup revealed

First up, the winners of the first ever Fortnite Pro-Am were pro streamer Ninja and musician Marshmello. The pair get to take one million in prize money, which will go to the charities of their choice.

Next up, Epic reported that Fortnite has hit 125 million players. The game managed to pull off this feat in less than a year. Now with a Switch version available, there's sure to be millions more joining the action.

Finally, Epic ended their tournament event by announcing the Fortnite 2019 World Cup. You can get details on that event below.

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I am not looking forwards to this trash clogging up Gonintendo.

I keep seeing slot of hate for Fortnite on here.... what's wrong with it?

Wed Jun 13 18 07:43am
Rating: 1

Personally I have problems with it, other than it being vaguely original take on a trending genre, and the core game mode being pushed aside for the battle royale mode, and the ethical concerns with Epics single biggest investor tencent, but mostly it's super popular, it's boring and I would just rather the Gonintendo news feed not be completely filled with Fortnite content considering the immense popularity of the IP.

For me, it's mainly the fact that it's a big fad and has little to stand out and be enjoyable like OverWatch or Heartstone. The fact the actual single player that preceeded the whole cash-in on PUBG (itself not a good game) isn't coming to switch either is rather frustrating too, as I'd actually give that a shot. The building mechanics seem fun for a single player game.

Eh, I guess I've just been living in a bubble when it comes to this game (didn't even know there ever was a single player mode!). I tried it last night and had a lot of fun with it, was really impressed with the building mechanic (no idea how derivative that feature is but I've never seen anything like it, though I'm sure there are plenty of examples). Almost feels like what you'd imagine from Nintendo if they were to make a game based on PUBG.

It's popular but I don't see how that's a bad thing honestly. Seems like a free to play game done right to me- surprised to hear from friends that you can't really get any tactical benefits from paying money, only cosmetic stuff. To each their own!

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