Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Shulk and Fiora return for the upcoming Expansion Pass content

Revealed during a Treehouse Live segment, we learned that both Shulk and Fiora are coming back to appear in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The pair will appear as Blades in Challenge Battle Mode of the Expansion Pass challenge battle mode.


So, from what I can tell, from a STORY perspective, they aren't blades (don't come from core crystals) but just decide to help out Rex and crew. Which is a really good solution. They still play as blades in game, fully, but Shulk and Fiora get to stay the same characters they were. Which is an awesome way to handle it

what i want to know is, will he be permanent asset to your blades or only usable for the challenge mode?

I think they are but its a bit unclear....

The tutorial after getting them says that you can use them outside challenge mode as a reward for completing certain challenges.

Wow, the one time I didn't watch due to prior appointments I had, and they reveal this!? That would've been such a hype reveal for me!

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