Fortnite - Switch vs PS4 vs PS4 Pro

No surprise here that the other versions of Fortnite are going to look better. That said, I've poured a ton of time into Fortnite on PS4, and I've found my time on Switch to be really impressive. The Switch version is good enough in my opinion for me to move over to Switch as my main platform. That's what I started to do last night!

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Thu Jun 14 18 08:26am
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In terms of this game, the other versions are only better because they didn't really optimize the Switch version. It will probably get better in the future. The fact the docked mode seems worse than undocked should say that.

It probably helps that Fortnite has a cartoony style, which I enjoy more anyway.

I wonder if they're still optimizing. I remember my roommate playing the Xbox version and honestly it seemed like a pretty unreliable 30, then suddenly one day it was a perfect 60. I realize the Switch has less room to reach 60, though.

Thu Jun 14 18 12:16pm
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RMC said:
I've poured a ton of time into Fortnite on PS4
oof rip your progress

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