Super Mario Party to include an online multiplayer mode, plus leaderboards, ranking system, and more

It's finally happening after a billion years. Super Mario Party is going to include a mode that lets you play online with either friends or strangers. It's not the classic board game mode, but it's definitely something worth your time!

- play 5 games to compete for best score
- play online with friends or strangers
- leaderboards
- ranking system
- rewards

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Progress at long last.

Ok that's a bit lame -_-

RMC said:
It's finally happening after a billion years.

Suddenly Newgrange, Stonehenge and the Pyramids make a lot more sense!

I was about to be sad about this...but then I realized it would probably be really difficult to get three randos to play (and stay connected) to a game for an hour plus. Wish there was a good way to include the board game part though

Too bad they didn't at least let friends play the board game part!

baby steps but hey it's progress. We got some sort of online mode as WELL as the classic board style gameplay back. This game is looking really great.

This is pretty much everything I wanted from a Mario Party. A full board game isn't practical, anyone who's seen or played Fortune Street Online games knows that, so I was hoping they'd do something akin to Mario Party 2 and 5's Mini Game contest modes, and they're doing just that. If the minigames are fun and not dumb like in MP8, then this will certainly be a grand return to form.

Online play with the classic board game is still a dream away.. but I'm very curious to see how the online aspects work for this other game mode is like.

Online with the board portion is a must, bring it Nintendo.

Why wouldn't they have said this during the Nintendo Direct? This is a game changer, for sure. I went from being not interested at all, to now I'm considering buying it on sale or something.

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