Dragon Ball FighterZ - Switch VS PS4 comparison

FighterZ maximizes high end anime graphics and brings easy to learn but difficult to master fighting gameplay. And on top of being playable on-the-go, this Nintendo Switch version also includes its share of exclusive features.

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It looks more to me like the Switch unit used had its Full RGB Range option deactivated, or the capture device itself had this option turned off while the Switch had it turned on, or vice versa, take your pic.

Huh. I saw that option earlier in my Switch settings and I'm not sure what to do with it. Could you explain how it works ? Mine is set to limited is that a good thing ?

Tue Jun 19 18 04:49pm
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It means that the signal sent to your TV uses the full range of RGb colours and not a limited subset. using it consumes more bandwidth on the hdmi cable, and older flat panel TVs with hdmi inputs don't necessarily support it since, as i understand it, full rgb range support came with a later revision of the hdmi standard.

But most modern TVs support it anyway, if you see a mention of it in the options of your TV, it should be in the same category of options as things like "game mode" which reduces latency, then you should definitely turn the option on, since you'll get richer colours on your screen.

The problem that may arise is if your TV only has the option for RGB full as a global option and not a per input option. Because TV shows and movies are mastered in RGB limited, if you set your TV to full rgb and your switch too, your switch games will look good but the rest of what you'll watch on it will look crap. It's best to turn rgb full on, on your switch system, not just if your tv support it but also if you can set it on your tv to only apply to the hdmi input through which your switch will send images so as to not badly affect everything else, lest you want to completely switch between the two on your TV.

My Samsung TV supports it on a per input basis, so I have the HdMI port in my TV set to game mode and full rgb, and my switch set to it accordingly as well for the best results. It's not a massive difference, but what you want to avoid at all costs is your TV and source device to have mismatched rgb ranges as that results in a generally washed out image.

Wow thanks a lot for that very complete answer, I did not expect that. I'll be looking at my Samsung tv as soon as I can. Good on you !

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