Nintendo says Legend of Zelda and Pokemon games overperform in Canada

Looks like Canadian gamers can't get enough of the Legend of Zelda or Pokemon franchises. According to an interview with Reggie Fils-Aime, Canada has a real affinity for two of Nintendo's biggest brands.

“The Canadian audience is the very tip of the mountaintop when it comes to Zelda games. There are certain franchises that overperform in the Canadian market. Legend of Zelda is one. I can’t tell you why but the Canadian consumer loves it. Every single game in the series has done better with the Canadian audience than the U.S. audience, and the U.S. audience does better than Europe or Japan. Another phenomenon, and this is a recent trend, over the last 10 years is Pokémon. Pokémon games do exceptionally well (in Canada).”


Yet we Canadians aren’t allowed to order anything from Pokemoncenter.com. What’s up with that?

My favorite two franchises. Maybe I'm actually Canadian!

Canada has good taste.

Glad to see us Canadians getting some attention, sad to say that it's probably due to how expensive our games are and that we need to be very selective of our entertainment.

I don't know how much of a difference it makes, but a lot of Latin American people choose Canada as their region since the e-shop is either non existent or barren in Central America and some countries in South America.

bahamut omega
Tue Jun 19 18 01:36pm
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Considering I'm speaking as an actual Canuck.

I suppose I've been more of a Pokémon fan compared to Legend of Zelda. Then again, I wound up getting into the Legend of Zelda after playing Link to the Past. First while babysitting someone in high school and again after picking up the GBA port.

True enough. Pity that couldn't have had Nintendo open up a Pokémon Center in a few regional malls.

I could easily see it happen if they tried West Edmonton Mall as a starter. Promotions the mall easily could have being rather fun. Given that it may not be the largest in the world, but still rather large in it's own right.

The Canadian audience is the very tip of the mountaintop

Is he saying that Canadians are very sensitive?

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