Daemon X Machina producer details the game's unique visuals, and how sound effects tie into the overall soundtrack

Daemon X Machina had to be one of the most visually-striking games at E3 2018. The unique approach to cel-shading mixed in with mech combat made for a combination that wowed many. Turns out those visuals were very important to producer Kenichiro Tsukuda, and there's more to them than looking pretty.

“Games these days have a lot of the same color palette, and I just personally wasn’t very happy with it. The colors that you see are chosen specifically for each of the orders and missions that you go on, based on how we want you to feel when you’re playing.”

The same attention to detail has been given to the game's soundtrack, which is inspired by what Tsukuda really enjoys. You'll hear a lot of rock and metal, and even the game's sound effects play into the music.

“Shooting a gun sounds like a drum and there’s a laser blade that actually uses the sound of a guitar. So when you’re playing with a group of Arsenals, I was hoping to create a game that kind of felt like you were like having a jam session.”

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I'd really like to see a better demo of the game than the bad Treehouse demo. It was like watching someone who doesn't play games fiddle with one for a while. Camera looking into the wall and just lack of finesse. The game looks great but that was a bad 40 minutes of game play

She was pretty bad, though, I wonder if it could have been because of the control scheme. AC games prior to Nexus all used a clunky control scheme and this is made from the same person that headed those games as producer (though I admittedly am very comfortable with old school AC controls). Watching the stream, her vertical aiming seemed to lock in place at times which isn't likely to happen while using the the right analog for aiming, but would be normal with older AC controls (L2/R2 for vertical aiming). Just a thought.

I have no idea what kind of game that is but the visuals look so impressive good!

People always talk about grafic power on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, but this games visuals are so much more impressive than every game on the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X!

I found the Treeshouse demos refreshing when compared to the scripted playthroughs of other games from other companies.

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