Masahiro Sakurai being harassed on Twitter about Waluigi not being playable in Smash Bros. Ultimate

Masahiro Sakurai is one of the hardest-working developers in the industry, and he's done some insanely amazing things with the Smash Bros. series. Not only has he pulled together tons of Nintendo characters, he's also worked out deals for major third party stars to appear in the games as well. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be enough for some fans, as a select group has started harassing the man directly through Twitter over the lack of a playable Waluigi in Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Some people have been putting together extremely distasteful and rude tweets to send off to Sakurai, which has lead to them blocking his account. It's a shame to see these people harassing Sakurai like this. Let's hope by spreading this news, people will start to calm down and understand that there's a real person on the other end of that Twitter account.

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Tue Jun 19 18 04:50pm
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Why are you the enemy of fun?

Tue Jun 19 18 04:22pm
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Hey, everyone, this is a great way to not get a character into a game. (Not that I necessarily care for the character in the first place)

this has to be a joke right

nobody can seriously be this upset over a character, let alone one with no actual importance

I don't even think fans of Ridley or the fat alligator were this bad, holy frick. That's just upsetting to hear.

I'm willing to bet that the vast majority of people who have tweeted Sakurai are just jumping on a bandwagon. It's like that stupid Rick and Morty Szechuan sauce situation. A few jerks among them make everyone look bad.

Tue Jun 19 18 04:44pm
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"The Fat Alligator" EXCUSE ME!? He's a crocodile and his name is King K.Rool. You're talking about people being disrespectful yet here you are doing the same thing. Not to the same extent but jesus. I like how you didn't call Ridley "The Anorexic Dragon thing" but decided to diss King K.Rool (and his fans) like that.

I think the lesson you and everyone who lobbies for Waluigi's inclusion (especially to the extent detailed in the OP) should learn from this is that they're literally just video game characters

I'm not even on the Waluigi hype train. What are you even talking about? All I'm saying is just be respectful to people's opinions and choices. No need to degrade someone's favorite character/choice because it makes you feel superior or something. There was no need to call King K.Rool a "fat alligator" what was the point in that. I don't condone fanboy actions. Trust me I've been hoping for K.Rool since Melee (and to return to the DKC series) but do I go harrass Sakurai and belittle fans of Cloud and Snake because their fans character got in over mine? NO I just brush it off and go "Well there's always next time" Learn some respect, that's all I ask.

Tue Jun 19 18 05:16pm
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Why do you get offended that they called K. Rool a "fat alligator" to begin with then? That is an accurate description of the character's appearance either way.
They're video game characters dude, and his comment has nothing to indicate it's trying to attack you in any way.

Yes they are just videogame characters but by labeling the characters name "as fat alligator" puts a stigma that the character is generic and not worthy of fans or something. It's really belittling someone's opinion. He didn't refer to Ridley as "Anorexic Space Dragon" but he decided to diss K.Rool and his fans by not calling him by his name. Trust me I use to be in his position. I use to call games like 1-2 Switch "1-2 Shit" and LABO "LAMO" but was schooled hard and I thought to myself "Wow that was really uncalled for some people really like those games and they clearly aren't for me so I'll just either A. Ignore them or B. Respect other people's tastes and opinions" why is it different now that he's a videogames character?

Try telling Steve Mayles the creator of K.Rool someone who put time, their soul, and money into creating a character and just calling him "Fat alligator" how do you think he would feel? It's disrespectful no matter what way you put it. Also Alligators and Crocodiles aren't the same thing so it isn't even "an accurate description"

I think you're grasping for straws.
"Fat alligator" is accurate, to the point, and that's how I've heard the character being called by friends and peers that don't care/are fully aware of the character, much like the 99%. In the same way I've heard Ridley being called "that dragon from Metroid" Those aren't derogatory, they're basic descriptions of what they can recall for those that aren't in the loop and the only reason you see it as offensive is because you have an excessive attachment to a fictional character. That reaction from your part is more comparable to geeks correcting an average person because they don't know the name/specifics of a character.

There is a major difference between that and just outright calling things by petty, derogatory childish names like you described because that's just immature behaviour comparable to children giving witty and "clever" names to things they find uncool.
Either way, the point is that you are overreacting and quite honestly if anything, this is more proof of how obscure and irrelevant a character like K. Rool is than a malicious attempt to belittle a fictional creation, or offend their fans.

Yeah whatever man I see your argument but I'm not gonna argue with you I still think it was disrespectful and I'm not gonna deny I'm a fan of K.Rool (he is my avater for pete sake) but he still could have used his name. I doubt he didn't know it. We're on a Nintendo fan site who hasn't played any of the DKC games on this site? I find that hard to believe. It may not have been malicious but it was wrong for me to accuse him of being so. I don't want to fight and argue. I do apologize for my behavior and I don't want to come off as a bad guy. So hey take a $10 eshop card on me. I'll PM it to you. I think there is too much hatred and disrespect going on within the Nintendo community so I'm gonna give something back.

I mean, I do see your point, and my intent is not really to argue either. I was just trying to give a more rational outlook as I personally didn't feel any malicious intent on the comment and I do think there's a good chance people won't know or could forget about the character since it's not like he's made a lot of appearances after DK64, nearly 20 years ago.

Either way, I wish more discussions within this community ended in a polite manner as well. I also feel there's a lot of negativity going around the Nintendo community as a whole and I hope things change. It's not good either for the community or for the way outsiders perceive us.

I agree HOWEVER K.Rool has appeared in DK: King of Swing, DK: Jungle Climber, Mario Super Sluggers, and Donkey Kong Barrel Blast all last generation. Not to mention the 3 GBA DKC remakes AND all the VC re-releases. That being said it's been 10 years since his last physical appearance not including the K.Rool Mii costume for Smash Wii U/3DS and the street name in Super Mario Odyssey. Granted Retro could've easily avoided this problem had they used him in Returns or Tropical Freeze. But alas I'm gonna agree and say he probably didn't mean it in the way that I took it and your right K.Rool isn't in our face every year like Bowser and Ganon are so it's only natural someone may forget about him. I hope you have a fantastic day and I hope we can be future friends! Smile

I would love K. Rool as long as he was Capt. K Rool IMO that would differentiate him enough from Bowser to make him really stand out.

I wasn't intending to bash the fans of Rool at all. Heck, the sole reason I mentioned K Rool and Ridley fans was solely to point out that even with how many fans begged for those two, things were far more respectful. The whole reason I gave K Rool a nickname was because it's the same one I used as a kid when playing through DK64 to get to the DK Arcade Machine. I don't dislike him much at all, (I do dislike DKC3 and DK64 but that's another story) and in fact him being fat is why I like him. Same reason why I like the Super Show's version of Bowser more than the real thing at times.

Heck, I jokingly call Greninja "A silly Froggywroggy", Charizard Overrated, Dedede "King Deedle" (Based on a classic Amiibo Typo) and the Ice Climbers "Team WahWah" since that's all the Ice climbers do when they make noise, go "Wah!""
Crocodile's the more technical term obviously, but when I've been used to my silly nickname for him for so long I can't help but continue to keep it up. Likewise, I'll continue to call Greninja a Froggywroggy for years to come too along with nicknaming Jigglypuff as Fake Kirby. Nothing meant to be in bad taste at all, and I do sincerely apologize if it came off that way.

Thank you so much for clearing that up! I appreciate it! I sent you an apology PM as well. I didn't want to seem like I was attacking you. DKC3 is pretty bland and DK64 is rough around the edges and hasn't aged that well. But I still enjoy parts of them mostly K.Rool oddly enough. The DK64 cutscenes gave him so much personality which is why I enjoy the character more than other Nintendo villains who at the time were pretty one-note of course Bowser has grown into more of a character in recent years thanks to Sunshine, Galaxy, and Odyssey and of course the spin-off games.

But DKC2, DKC3, and DK64 really made a colorful villain which I found refreshing for a Nintendo title. He would dress up each game, and actually learn from his mistakes and exact revenge he was awesome. Not to mention he was just plain insane. But once Rare left and Paon took over K.Rool got the "opposite Bowser effect" where as Bowser went from super one-dimensional early on to a an actual character in recent years. K.Rool went from an actual character to extremely one-diminsional (kinda like how he was in the first DKC).

I guess they are butthurt after looking at Daisy in the game as an echo fighter. If anything it just makes Sakurai not have the character be included in the future at all. ungrateful a$$ses.

Waluigi will be in this game. Mark my words. Daisy made it this time, although she was far easier, as she's an Echo character.

He's already in as an assist trophy.

You can't be serious? You know full well I mean as a playable character.

I think the response was meant to say that because he is already an assist he won’t be a playable character. It’s one or the other.

Little Mac was an assist trophy before being playable. Perhaps people hoped for waluigi to be the same

Was he an assist in Smash U?

If you mean waluigi, then yes. He was also an assist in brawl

Tue Jun 19 18 04:38pm
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Yup they are serious, and since he’s already been shown to be an assist trophy in the E3 reveal video, he won’t be a playable.

Yeah, they should be happy that Sakurai got Snake and Cloud in the same crossover which Sony couldn’t do for theirs Smash-clone!

Just show that he have some major repect in the industry

I view that as disrespect. Snake and especially Cloud have no business being in Smash Bros. Waluigi has been in far more games on Nintendo platforms. Sakurai lets his personal friendships influence who gets in Smash, irrespective of how disrespectful other developers have been to and how they've ignored Nintendo systems in the past.

Tue Jun 19 18 04:50pm
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Why are you the enemy of fun?

Tue Jun 19 18 05:02pm
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Glad I’m not the only one tired of the same few people constantly making GoNintendo such a negative and miserable place for Nintendo fans to connect.

Tue Jun 19 18 05:08pm
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What irks me the most is the idea some of these people have that apparently Nintendo or their creators can never do absolutely anything right and that if you even dare to disagree with their borderline agressive negativity you're apparently an ass-kisser.

As I said on another comment section months back, there is a bitter irony that no one hates Nintendo as much as Nintendo fans apparently do.

It IS A OK to be critical, but this "being negative for negative's sake" is getting a bit boring.

But, as this article proves, it's fun to be negative on the net! Or something.

He's the same guy who came from NintendoLife, and he brought his 97% negative attitude with him. Usually wherever he posts, its almost always has a negative spin on it. Really pissed off people there, and it looks like its catching on here too. Sucks.

I got an account here because of how many trolls are on Nintendo Everything, and am slowly trying to focus my energy here instead.

Either he stops directing the games, or they are his games, and he gets to chose who gets in and who gets out. If he wants 20 Fire Emblem characters its his passion, and its his project. He literally almost killed himself making these games, let him put the character he wants in.

"irrespective of how disrespectful other developers have been to and how they've ignored Nintendo systems in the past." Square Enix? Read Polygon's feature on Final Fantasy VII. Yamauchi was the one who was most certainly disrespectful in that instance. He did nothing to support publishers, and assumed that because Nintendo was Nintendo, they would stay loyal. When the specs of the N64 were not what Nintendo promised (which was not necessarily on Nintendo by the way, that was entirely SGI's fault, SGI was a mess at that time), Square decided to go with the more powerful PlayStation. Yamauchi reacted by asking Square employees to never enter his office again. Square wasn't really in the wrong on that front, and Final Fantasy has had a long history on Nintendo, and a far more important and beloved one than Waluigi. Cloud is the most well known Smash character, so he made the most sense. Plus, Cloud in Smash brought a lot more attention than Waluigi would have, with the internet and such.

Wed Jun 20 18 09:15am
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Curious. What was the N64 hardware supposed to be then? I can't remember the PS1 being more powerful, but the CD's made it better for many devs in those days. I mean, can't imagine Shadowman or Turok running on the hardware.

Wed Jun 20 18 03:56pm
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I'm not an engineer, but from what I read the N64 was "more powerful' on paper than the ps1, but the PS1 had key advantages.

The N64 was described as having a car with a powerful/fast engine but it got really bad mileage and had a small gas tank.

The PS1 having more ram and better media for games is what sealed its victory in that era.

Interesting. From the looks of it games looked better on N64 for me (Turok as I mentioned looked great at the time) and I think it had a better resolution. But the PS1 had more RAM? I can see how that and the CD drive could play good together.

Yes thank you.
The interview obviously didn't go into specifics but it said that the performance the Square staff got out of the N64 was a lot less than they had expected, so they moved over to PS1.
Discs probably helped but they said that wasn't the main cause. It might have been for others, but Square was probably Nintendo's biggest loss, and one they definitely sealed with their horrible reaction. Modern Nintendo is too light on third party relations right now, but at least they aren't forcing them out like Yamauchi did...

(Late answear)
FF and MG started their lives at NES
(MG at MSX technically, but he got famous at NES)

And what about Ryu?
He’s first game where in the arcade but he got famous with SF2 which where on arcade, SNES and Genesis/Mega Drive. And after that Nintendo only got portable SF games, and the lastest ”New” Street Fighter for Nintendo home system were USF2TFC!

So I would say that DO HAVE some business with and WOULDN’T HAVE been around if for the NES and SNES!
THEY should be thankful.

But I know they aren’t listening

Daisy have a backstory, for She were in SML2.
Waluigi haven’t been in a none-spin-off game yet

I find it really bizarre that there’s a crusade for this considering Waluigi was already shown as an assist trophy. It’s clear as day to me that it’s not happening this time, but people be people.

His has been an assist character. They need to get over it. Little Mac was an assist that made it to the playable form but he has his own games. Waluigi is pretty much just in sports games and party games. Nothing really to draw from. Ridley, the impossible to fit in the game outside of a boss in brawl and a stage hazard thing in smash 4, is playable. That is huge. And if no other characters were added I would be cool with just that.

I hate meme culture. Because that's what this is. Waluigi is a garbage filler character with practically zero going for him, and the only reason people 'care' about him is because of 'WAH' memes. There's zero reason for him to be playable. Wario is right there, and he's a billion times better. Thar should be more than enough.

Tue Jun 19 18 04:53pm
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Even ANY of the major Wario Ware characters would be a better fit than Waluigi.

These kinds of people, with their irrespectful behaviour and aggressive demands to game creators are the reason why many people look down upon Nintendo fans as a whole.
It's a damned shame.


The problem I see with Waluigi is that either he becomes an Echo Fighter of a character with the same build (C. Falcon) or gets a moveset that doesn't represent his already non-existent traits.

I mean, one day he floods entire courts (Mario Power Tennis and Mario Hoops 3-on-3) and the other he grows vines that serve as a wall (Mario Strikers Charged). He doesn't seem to have defined qualities like Mario and Luigi's pyrokinesis, Peach's heart-based moves, Daisy's flower-based moves, etc.

That is because Waluigi is the very definition of a filler character.
He was created for one reason, and one reason only. To give Wario a counterpart for sports/party games.
Waluigi was never intended as an important or fleshed out character and he will exist solely to fill a character slot in Mario spin offs, much like Metal Mario as a character.

I was never on the Waluigi bandwagon. I love Waluigi, I love playing as him in Mario Kart, Tennis, Party, etc. BUT he has no place in Smash as a playable character. AT LEAST Daisy had one main-line Mario appearance and she is just an echo fighter of Peach so she was easy to develop for. Waluigi isn't even consistent from game to game he just does weird shit. His moveset would be pretty out there if they wanted to take from the games. In strikers he could make barb wire behind him (why?), in Power Tennis he could just swim in mid-air, in Aces he's a flamingo dancer that can moonwalk. He's just odd...and I love him for that but there is literally nothing to work off of.

Also let's be honest with ourselves Mario has enough characters in Smash as is. I bet we probably get Paper Mario or Captain Toad announced soon too. Both of those characters IMO are more deserving than Waluigi...not to mention roster size for newcomers is extremely limited for this game I'd rather development time go to 1st party characters more deserving like Dixie Kong, King K.Rool, Issac, Paper Mario, Captain Toad, Chibi-Robo, Impa (Hyrule Warriors design), etc.

What if, you know, you go out and get a f&(/#% life? Sakurai works hard enough as it is. Leave the man alone and, again, GET A LIFE!

I've never seen so much of an outrage like this for such an undeserving character

Damn, some people are just so immature.

all that trouble...for waluigi?
freakin' waluigi?! seriously?! there are much much MUCH better forgotten Nintendo characters than goddamn waluigi!!!

Jesus christ!

I think Waluigi deserves a spot but this trend of harassment towards developers needs to stop.

Not only developers, this reminded me of the harassment that the actress that did Rose on The Last Jedi received. The lack of consequence that many people fell on the internet brings the worst kind of mob attitude.

That’s true, it’s not limited to gaming, just where I’ve seen it.

Not to mention the music business. Or anything really. I've seen two bigfoot "hunters" in a cyberwar where one was really threatening the other. It's insane. Guess people feel so secure behind their computers they can be assholes.

WHat was people's problem with Rose anyway? I thought she was a nice addition.

From some people, every time a character is not white/straight/hot it has to have a REALLY GOOD reason to be on the story or it's there only to please the "SJW" on detriment of they "beloved franchise"

I never knew waluigi has such a cult. I mean, Nintendo didn't even bother to make a game of his own so it just doesn't add up.

That being said, if waluigi isn't playable, then why such hate?

This is what happens when a character becomes a meme, and is also why I both love and hate meme culture. I love when a meme is funny, but I hate it when it cannibalizes an entire character and all that character is is a meme. Smash seems to have the worst community for it too.

Waluigi, Ridley, Geno, Villager, Wii Fit Trainer. All just memes, not actual characters to most internet users.

The guy's an AT [which is far more than he deserves].Suck it up and find another meme.

Not sure whether his or Geno supporters are more obnoxious at this point...

If Waluigi existed he would totally be the type of guy to harass videogame devs on Twitter.

This is like - how you say? "When keeping it real goes wrong"?

People are scum.

Sakurai deserves better.

Theory - Sakurai actually *hates* Waluigi (no idea why) and has adopted the stance that, as long as he's directing Smash, Waluigi will *never* be a playable character. Catch me again when they announce Smash Universe for the Nintendo Nebu in 2025 and see if I'm right. XD

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