Next Pokemon GO Community Day will feature Squirtle

Get out and play together in your local community parks on Pokémon GO Community Day. For just a few hours each month, you can encounter a special Pokémon in the wild. During these hours, there's a chance to learn a previously unavailable move for that Pokémon or its evolution, as well as earn some Community Day bonuses. Celebrate what it means to be a part of the Pokémon GO community and make new friends along the way!

Note: Fast TMs and Charged TMs will not grant exclusive moves during Community Day. To learn the exclusive move, you must catch or evolve the featured Pokémon during Community Day hours.

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Kind of sucks this one is when I am on vacation at Anthrocon, but at the same time I get to play with a friend who I am meeting for the first time. :3 At least it isn't Saturday this time because I am going to be in the parade dying of heat stroke! :D lol

Darn, that sucks. We just had a water focused event with so many squirtle spawning. I was hoping for something a bit more exciting like Bagon. The larvitar one was fun because everyone was trying to get a tyranitar.

yeah, they really should have pushed Squirtle back to August. Bagon would be awesome.

I ended up getting 6 shiny larvitar during this past event, so I am hoping they do a Bagon event as shiny salamence is one of my favorite pokemon and it seems like they increase shiny spawns during events.

Nice! I also got 6 as well! Got 0 during the Charmander event and that was the first one I was able to do all 3 hours for. But there was a Charmander nest in my town and I got one. I was so lucky! :3

It should be the Squirtle Squad version of Squirtle. It makes total sense for a Summer event.

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