Nintendo says their tech team is working with EA to make FIFA 19 the best it can be

From the hands-on impressions we've come across, it seems like FIFA 19 is going to be a much improved version of last year's Switch outing. How is EA pulling off a better game this time around? Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime says EA and Nintendo are working together to make things better.

“How do you take a game like FIFA, built on the Frostbite engine, and have it look and play as well on our platform as it does elsewhere? Our technical team is working with their technical teams and development community to bring that to life.”

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Wed Jun 20 18 05:24pm
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Wed Jun 20 18 05:47pm
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It's funny because fifa on switch doesn't use the frostbyte engine.

The wording is confusing, but I think he meant that fifa 19, while using frostbite on the other platforms, will look and play similar on the switch with the ultra old... I mean, built from scratch engine designed specifically for this version.

Well..at least Nintendo is trying.


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