No plans for Resident Evil 2 Remake on Switch at this time

Were you hoping for the Resident Evil 2 Remake to come to Switch? Capcom brand manager Mike Lunn was asked if there were any plans to bring the title over to Switch down the road. His response is as follows.

“No, not at this time. We just wanted to focus on PS4, Xbox One, and PC at the moment."

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!


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Wed Jun 20 18 06:54pm
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Why are you so focused on bringing negativity to this community?

Is anyone truly surprised by this? This game looks like it would need a lot of optimization to even run on the system at all. This is one of those games that I'd rather play on my Xbox One anyway.
Sure, it would be great if it did arrive on the Switch in one form or another down the line, but I'm not holding my breath for this one...

Switch was built to run RE Engine.

Yes, I'm aware of that and that Capcom requested extra memory for that exact purpose. But just because the system can run a game with a specific engine doesn't mean the game in question will run well. RE2 would clearly need a lot of compromising to be able to run in a satisfactory state.

Sure, with that said, that engine was designed so far for only 3 games, and all three of those games are on the same platforms, so Capcom clearly knew the specs of the games the engine is running on before they ported it to Switch. The one argument you can make is that because RE7 has a VR mode, that is a bit more suited for Switch, and that could be the case, but clearly Capcom has no plans to port that directly to the hardware if they are going to go with the useless cloud path instead, and also, if this is really going to be Capcom's future internal engine, it really should be variable in terms of how well it can run on platforms (and that includes how well games run on different platforms), and that should be the case both increasing power and decreasing power. Plus, no one buying REmake 2 on Switch cares if its compromised or not. I have a PS4 and a PC, if I want to play the game with better visuals, I'll get it on there. If you make a game for Switch, the reason is for portability, and most customers on Switch are buying for the same reason.

I think it's more a way for Capcom to future-proof game development. These three games were all well into development before the Switch was even a thing. DMC5 has been worked on for 4 years for example.
It just seems like Capcom is now adopting the RE Engine in-house as a replacement for their MT Framework that they've used for years on end now. Now they at least can develop future RE Engine games with the Switch in mind and have an easier time with it than if Nintendo hadn't fulfilled their requests.
So we may not see RE2 on the Switch, but I wouldn't be surprised if Capcom are developing something different specifically for the Switch with the engine as we speak.

"DMC5 has been worked on for 4 years for example. " That is a VERY good point. I wish they had said that instead of "We have no plans at this time". RE 8 is in development right now, that could very well be targeting Switch as one of its platforms. I wish RE 7 was actually ported to Switch, though Capcom has learned their lesson on Cloud not working for Switch at this point, but I do think that if the demand is clear, a late port specialized for REmake 2 could be feasible after the other versions release.

Absolutely. Capcom seemed pleased with the sales of Revelations 1 & 2, so clearly the demand is there. If they think it's feasible, RE2 might show up later, but I'm not holding my breath.

Nearly every Resident Evil sells on Nintendo platforms so it would work out well, but so would an actual port of RE7, and that hasn't happened, so I really am unsure of what Capcom will do after this is out.

This is exactly what I say to people expecting every single third party game made in UE4 to work on the switch just because "it supports the engine". Guess what?! My laptop can run UE4 as well, but those games will run like $#!+ because it has a intel card...

Among with games like the new God of War and the upcoming The Last Of Us 2, Remake 2 is one of the best looking games in this current generation of consoles. They even admitted that the game still needs optimization on the classic PS4 and XBO. If you watch the gameplay, the framerate still hasn‘t hit the promised fluent 30 FPS. Their top priority is to get this game working on the most powerful machines. I don‘t blame them for ignoring the Switch here. The same goes to Monster Hunter World.

You are wrong.

It's actually the exact opposite. This game is not fast paced, so devs wouldn't need to worry about targeting 60 fps, and the games visually the game is pretty basic: few character models on screen, pretty much nothing happning in terms of particle effects and and the enviroments are just a bunch of corridors.

Also, Capcom are masters when it comes to making good looking games that easy to run. When both RE5 and RE6 came out on PC, people were impressed about good they looked and how well they would run on pretty any shitty PC.

Porting this to the Switch should be a MUCH easier job that porting something like DOOM, Wolfenstein or even Orochi Warriors 4... Capcom is not porting this because they don't want to. Simple as that.

Well yeah. I think we'd known if there were plans...

Yeah, I was never expecting this to show up on Switch anyway.

Well then, I have no plans to buy Resident Evil 2 Remake at this time. Sad

This is one time I won't blame Capcom, repulsive a company as they may be. You make a weak hardware bed, then you've got to lie in it, for a generation. But the Switch is a Wii U made portable, a mid generation revision, of a console that was absolutely slated back in 2012. But we've got to pay another €330 because they messed up not us. You know what else I read today about the Switch? Nintendo have released more Wii U ports for Switch than new games. Not just that, but they charge full price, in some cases more than their original release(DKC: TF). Look at Dark Souls on Switch, it's a full remaster and they're charging half the price.

Wed Jun 20 18 06:54pm
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Why are you so focused on bringing negativity to this community?

Get real. This is the reality. The story being -12 speaks for itself. I could ask, why are you an ostrich?

I both owned and loved RE2 on the N64, but I''m missing out on current classic games because Nintendo have skimped on hardware. They didn't skimp on the price though. We haven't had good 3rd party support since the Gamecube, and that's Nintendo's fault.

But how much do you think an even more powerful handheld would cost, and how much would that sell?

That's unfortunate, but not surprising. The opening cinematic shows a PS One as it is (and yet it's coming to Xbox as well. Go figure).

Expected, but a pretty sad state of affairs given RE2 was on the N64 and Gamecube in the past [and, of course, GC had the sole RE1 Remake for a fair while]

I mean, is it surprising from the company that is only offering a cloud, rental, version of RE7 for Switch?
they're inept.

Capcom sure screwed us now, huh? I’m so pissed because Nintendo is getting a slap in the face, after the Switch’s success!

Wed Jun 20 18 07:28pm
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"We just wanted to focus on PS4, Xbox One, and PC"...

Really?!?! Focus on 3 machines?! Focus?!?! Focus?!?!

It would have made more sense to say:
"At this time, we are NOT focusing on the switch."

“Nintendo asked us what we wanted for specs from the Switch. We told them and they obliged. Suckers!!!!!!!!”

Good. I don't want lazy RE2: Remake: Cloud Edition for Switch. You asked Nintendo to up the specs of the Switch so you could run the RE engine on it and they did yet even if you were to bring it over like I said earlier it would be a lame japan only cloud edition.

RE2 Remake as wella s another what 40ish AAA titles not coming to switch...

Its a portable, face it guys and gals it will get more 3rd party support than wii u, but face it my mircowave has more 3rd party support than the wii u!

Hardware is weak as, Nintendo is to blame time to just buy the wii u ports and 1st party exclusives and have an ps4 or xbox one for 3rd party.

Were you hoping for the Resident Evil 2 Remake to come to Switch?

Not really. Capcom skipping Nintendo systems when it comes to mainline RE games has been kind of a "second verse same as the first" situation ever since that one guy left.

I don't understand capcom at all. We are getting that megaman collection like seriously late, we never got MH World, now we are getting a late port of Generations Ultimate with no connection with 3DS players since we never got the Ultimate version of that game and we don't get any RE Games but Japan is getting a "Cloud Version" of REVII. And we got a super late port of Revelations 2, a series started on Nintendo 3DS.

Any game can be ported on switch and Bethesda is a prove of that, can't speak for Wolfenstein II as I haven't played it, but DOOM looks and plays incredibly well. We even got motion controls for those games so you see they are actually trying to make good ports. Just look at the requirements for DOOM and Wolfenstein II for PC and the technologies they use.

Anyway, I wasn't expecting any games from Capcom, they hook you up to their games on Nintendo systems and then they stab you in the back by releasing them on other systems (which I do not own).

No shit, this game still needs some work done to run well on consoles, does anyone honestly think a weaker handheld device could run this game as well? Obviously it could with the original RE2 (and N64 RE2 should get ported if there's N64 support for the online service), but it would need major optimization to get this remake working on Switch. I can see them porting 0 and maybe even the PS4 RE1 remake with no problems, though. This isn't really capcom's fault, it's Nintendo's fault for not future proofing the switch so that when the next gen rolls around it'll get crushed in terms of power and third party ports will happen less even from the companies that really want to support the thing like Koei.

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