Family finds daughter's heartbreaking message written on her 3DS

10-year-old Lily Ross has been having a tough time with bullies at school. Her family didn't know how bad things were until Lily's brother found the above message written on her 3DS. Lily's mother Shellie shared the message on social media with the following details.

"This is what my older son found today on my youngest child's DS. Let them know it is NOT OK to bully others and it causes real pain even if they don't see how much someone is hurting .....they are on the inside."

Just like Shellie says, if you are aware that someone is being bullied or you are being bullied yourself, don't be afraid to reach out for help.

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Well geez, this just broke my heart.

Thu Jun 21 18 09:43pm
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Goddamn... I want to buy her a game. Or at least trade her a great Pokemon

With the right kind of parenting, children could be taught to express themselves like this so these problems could be dealt with better, but most parents don't really know and have a good plan for these kinds of things. Parenting is much more complex than most parents understand.

Hey buddy: I was bullied an enormous amount as a young child after a move and while I agree that my grandmother (who was my parent) didn't teach me how to best deal with it, there was nothing she could have done. Constant, vicious harassment from kids all day long isn't solely the parents' purview. I even found out from a friend that my sixth grade teacher sat in my chair when I was sick, pretended to be me, and said I had crushes on boys. (I'm not even gay, but when I was in school that would have been reason enough in their minds for everybody to treat me that way.) Bottom line: if most kids decide you are a suitable bullying victim, it doesn't matter too much what your parents do.

While bullying is often clearly intentional, sometimes it's not so obvious. Make sure you always consider your actions, and how they could effect someone else.

How is this kid going to feel when she realizes her mom shared her darkest inner pain on the internet with the whole world and now there are news articles about it? If this had been me as a kid, that would have felt like an even more humiliating betrayal than the awful scourge of being bullied by kids.

When I was a kid, someone would eventually bow up and beat the ever-loving tar out of a bully. It only takes one or two of those to set an attitude right, and it's also wonderfully cathartic for the person being picked on. Wish we could go back... >_>

It made me cringe to see the girl's full name in the article. This message could be just as powerful without revealing the child's name to the world.


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