Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker - 3DS demo footage

Our stubby hero must dodge dangers and track treasures across many trap-filled courses. Survive smoldering volcanoes, hazardous steam engines, haunted houses, and even new courses based on the Super Mario Odyssey™ game! Watch them come to life in stereoscopic 3D using the touch-controlled game camera.

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Tags: 3ds, eshop


It looks just as fun as the switch version. I’m glad 3DS owners have the option of experiencing this game. It’s definitely something different from Nintendo, and a very creative puzzler.

It's a good game, but the 3DS version really looks bad and simply shows how dated that hardware is. I've tried the 3DS demo as well, and yeah the resolution is low. (It's 240p after all) however the Framerate is also 30 or lower.

For this game, and any game, the Switch is the way to go.

Is the 3DS demo limited to 30 plays?

I can only speak for the european version, but yes, 30.

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