Nintendo and Niantic participate in the Seattle Pride Parade

The Seattle Pride Parade took place today, and Nintendo showed up with some support for the event. Not only did they have a car in the parade, they also had a bunch of employees giving out special, "Play it Proud" stickers. Awesome to see Nintendo appearing in the parade, and revamping an old slogan for the event!

Following Nintendo was Niantic, who was also part of the parade, with a special banner a bunch of employees on-hand. Looks like everyone attending had a blast!

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Sun Jun 24 18 08:53pm
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You may not. But it might make some lonely kid somewhere feel a little less alone❤️

Sun Jun 24 18 08:35pm
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Not sure how to feel about corporations cashing in on this, but okay. Maybe they genuinely do care?

Sun Jun 24 18 08:47pm
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I'm sure some of their employees genuinely do, but companies themselves as a whole, it's all business and image.

Mon Jun 25 18 12:26am
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I’m sure they have lots of gay employees and I’m sure it means a lot to them. Pretty sure Jose is family.

I don’t recall Nintendo receiving payment for their participation but whatever....

Philanthropy is the future of marketing.

Sun Jun 24 18 09:02pm
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In Nintendo's defense, these Twitter posts are from the employees within the company. These are not being shared on any of Nintendo's official social media branches.


None needed anyway but that car has Nintendo on it. Whens the gay indifference parade anyway.

Sun Jun 24 18 09:32pm
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Well, I mean that Nintendo are not usually open about charitable events. Which is why I think their higher-ups gave the staff permission to participate in this event. Cause if the core of Nintendo did, then that's the first time I've seen that car, and I doubt they would reveal it in a event like this.

Sun Jun 24 18 09:50pm
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"In a recent interview with CBC, Reggie explained that “making political statements are for other people to do.” Instead Nintendo want their fans to “have fun while they play” and to be able to “smile” as they enjoy the game."

I'm guessing it's just as you described, strange about that car though.

Whens the gay indifference parade anyway.

Every other day.

People go out in droves on their pride parade wearing ass-less chaps, dog collars, and hump each other in the street. These same people wonder why other people have a problem with them.

I don't care who is gay or straight or whatever. You need live your life and be happy. But I don't like degenerates. You can show your pride without looking and acting like a degenerate.

Mon Jun 25 18 12:03pm
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People go out in droves on their pride parade wearing ass-less chaps, dog collars, and hump each other in the street.

Nice generalisation there and clearly you haven’t a clue if you 1) think that behaviour is representative of the majority and 2) is exclusive to the LGBT community.

I don't care who is gay or straight or whatever. You need live your life and be happy.

Followed by...

But I don't like degenerates.

So you do care? And you don’t want people to live their life and be happy? Gotcha.

What. The. Hell?

Just.... wow...

What? Me or who I replied to?

Mon Jun 25 18 03:44pm
(Updated 1 time)

Oh, my bad, shoulda made it more clear.

Who you were replying to. I'm gobsmacked.

Yeah. Pretty amazing huh!

I said nothing wrong. Do an image search.

Here is the 5th image from a bing search of “gay pride parade”

Here is the 8th

There are more, some with children.

I want to be clear here.

I don’t care what their orientation is, but running around like the above will not win them over those that do have a problem with it.

I am NOT sorry you guys have a problem with someone who thinks that maybe the LGBT community should carry themselves a little higher to help get their message of acceptance across. Shame on you for being so intolerant.

Tue Jun 26 18 03:03am
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I mean.. so true.. mine was a much lazier search and took far less time.. and just look at these results..


The pure debauchery..


These images are fair and accurate portrayals of this specific type of person..


All of these people should hold themselves to a hire standard..


Clearly, these people will not win anyone over to their cause..


Shame on you for be so intolerant!



I decided to put these in link form to protect delicate eyes from some pretty disturbing images.. and definitely NOT because I couldn't get the images to load in post..
(not really though)

Your not refuting my point by. Your just trying to ZING me.

My point still stands, sport fans are not an oppressed class of people. Gays are, and if they want acceptance they have to work for it. Respect is earned not given.

Once again YOU are the one here who is being intolerant because you won’t even consider the other side of the argument.

I said the ones who make a mockery of their movement are degenerates and I stand by that statement. I NEVER said the LGBT movement was bad.

Tue Jun 26 18 09:23am
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Girl, we've worked harder for our rights than you will ever work in your life. Do NOT tell us how to get our rights, we're well organized and very successful.

Drag Queens are the reason we have so much power. You do you with your oppressive points of view, we'll keep doing us with our progressive points of view. We will NOT fall in line to get your respect.

How ignorant you sounds, replace gays with any oppressed class of people.

"Jewish people are, and if they want acceptance they have to work for it."
"Black people are, and if they want acceptance they have to work for it."
"Native American people are, and if they want acceptance they have to work for it."

Nah dude, you're just a very wrong person and someday you'll learn to accept that.

Where did I said people need to fall in line?

Where did I said they can’t be drag queens?

Like the kernel your just trying to ZING me and attack me (again I didn’t attack or say the LGBT movement was bad) rather then actually try to refute my point.

Now then, not sorry for what I said. However we should let the matter drop, and be more positive to everyone even to people we don’t like or disagree with.

Nah, you're just someone who likes to create arguments. I am not going to let you win this one. Your comments are archived on the internet forever, just deal with the fact that you're bigoted. Enjoy your bigoted lifestyle while we all live free from your judgements.

Also, its clear that you are hurting people in this thread with your words. When people say you are hurting them LISTEN. They're telling you this for a reason.

Wed Jun 27 18 10:25am
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And, ILL NEVER BE NICE to someone who wishes to take my god given human rights away from me, or those that I love.

Im using this next sentence as an example of why you're wrong: Trump is locking babies in cages down at the border. I DO NOT LIKE HIM AND I DO NOT LIKE BABY CONCENTRATION CAMPS. NO NICENESS, we must start shouting people down who commit acts of evil.

Tue Jun 26 18 12:35pm
(Updated 1 time)

What im saying is, you picked a select number of individuals from a LARGE group of people engaged in a celebration and decided, based on appearance alone, its abhorrent and this is what the Pride Parade is all about. Essentially attempting to discredit the whole event. What im saying is, imagine if you did that with everything... like, a sporting event.

Do you have a problem with cos-play in general, or comic-con. Most of these people are just wearing outfits that are In no way related to sexual fetishism.

Most of this stuff is comic-con levels of cos-play. Its a parade, parades are meant to be entertaining and flashy.

Yes, originally pride was a protest (and it still is to some level) but now that its mostly a fun parade meant to commemorate the original protest, let people wear a themed alice and wonderland set without your nasty critiques.

Do you find haute coture in Paris runways to be degenerates? Many of these people are also just wearing high fashion. Or creating their own fashion. Stop being angry because they aren't wearing cargo shorts and a t-shirt like some boring straight dad pushing his stroller at disney world.

To be honest, you and the rest of the world need to learn to be more sex positive. Whats wrong with sex if its not hurting anyone?

Did some mystic in the sky tell you it was wrong? Is that why? How does the image of someone in a dog collar abuse your senses? Are your pearls so tight on your neck that you're choking and thats why you're clutching them?

Who hurt you?

Sun Jun 24 18 09:19pm
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I'd totally buy one of those shirts, those are kewl!

Gay relationships in Fire Emblem confirmed then?

psi wind
Sun Jun 24 18 11:52pm
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We did have 2 of those in Fates but Treehouse censored them. Hopefully this is a sign it won't happen again

Mon Jun 25 18 01:46pm
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I don't play FE, but I'm pretty sure the gay characters in Fates were still gay in the American version.

Pretty sure it was something about drugging the lesbian character to make her straight that was censored.

They censored the dialogue in the gay options by literally copypastng the dialogue from the straight one into the gay one. There was unique dialogue for the two.

Surprising that ultra conservative Nintendo Japan leadership allowed this to happen. But yeah, it is awesome!

Conservative in Japan is different than in America. I think NoJ's conservative nature is far more fiscal. NoA has traditionally been a lot more conservative than Japan, see the absurd limitations they put on NES games. Even Devil's World was too far for Nintendo America in the 80s. Bayonetta would have probably been fine for 80s Nintendo Japan, but that would have been an absolute no for Nintendo America in the 80s.

An important thing to remember is that there was no video game ratings board in those days. Parents had no way to tell when buying games whether or not they'd be appropriate for their children. And games, as the New Media and thus the thing everyone was suspicious of, were under scrutiny from the media to make sure they remained "acceptable." Putting forward a family-friendly image was itself a fairly fiscally-minded choice, and until the ESRB was established in America, being all-ages appropriate was a big part of their brand.

Oh yeah most certainly, but Nintendo Japan did nothing like that, and nor does modern Nintendo America.

Mon Jun 25 18 03:41am
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Being supportive of a marginalized community of fellow humans is not "making a political statement".

Indeed. The current political climate has gotten so ridiculously dense that anything will come under fire because someone else will interpret it as a political statement.

Nice. Bring out Birdo!

This warms my gay heart. My crops are watered, my children are fed, my skin is clear, and my bills are paid.

denty one
Mon Jun 25 18 01:08pm
(Updated 1 time)

Nintendo, a videogame company, showing their support for people's sexual preferences. I don't get it. What's the connection? I mean, I don't give a rip what you do in the bedroom. What concern is it of mine? And I have no problem with those who want to celebrate that (though, publicly celebrating your sexual orientation seems very strange to me). It's just that, a company doesn't have a 'moral compass,' they have policies. And when those policies are forward facing, they are always, ALWAYS marketing. And when that marketing is designed to virtue signal to specific 'groups' (I look forward to the day that people are seen as individuals and we stop all of this identitarian nonsense), it's called pandering. It's actually kind of sad in its thin veil of 'caring'.

When a sexual orientation was an illegal crime a mere 25 years ago, in my country, then celebrating the freedoms that others had/have by default seems ok to me. Celebrating acceptance, celebrating being able to live a life with the same rights as everyone else.

Have you ever had to “come out” as straight? Have an awkward conversation about liking the opposite sex? Have you ever had to justify it? Have you had people ridicule you for it? Have you been blocked from having rights? Have you been classed a criminal?

Those that have had to ensure that and more deserve the ability to have a day where they can celebrate their equality....finally.

denty one
Mon Jun 25 18 07:33pm
(Updated 1 time)

Not sure if this has much to do with my main point. But hey, looks like you got to let off some steam, so I guess you got something out of it!

It has everything to do with your main point. You're just not listening.

I'm a gay man. My sister is a trans. People like us rely on visibility (even through marketing budgets) to become assimilated into communities as normal. Without allies, without corporate allies especially, jobs, healthcare (through said jobs), and quality of life are actually difficult to come by.

30-50 years ago, I would never be able to bring my partner to a work function, now its totally encouraged and we can be treated as full members of society together because of acts like this from companies like Nintendo.

Let alone, its not just our acts in bed, there was (and still is) a perception that effeminate men are automatically gay. And 30-50 years ago, when that label was put on you because of your mannerisms, or your lisp, or whatever...you were automatically excommunicated from "polite society." But now we have a culture that is largely more accepting of "traits associated with female" and less abusive towards them.

Also, the VERY fact that you and similarly other people are showing some level of resistance to this or frustration IS the very reason why its so important that they do all of this.

OK. I'm woke now, thanks!

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