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Today's Fighter - #62: Corrin
Corrin was available as a downloadable fighter in the previous version of Super Smash Bros. This fighter uses all kinds of unique attacks, like Torrential Roar and Dragon Fang Shot. You can choose male or female versions!

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I am very glad Corrin is back. Male Corrin might be the prettiest character in the game.

Still surprised so many were sure he would be one of the first to go for the next game, especially since he was a DLC character. Would feel so odd for Sakurai to exclude him so soon after making him.

I was still not a fan of "yea lets cut X". Why do people want cuts? What am I missing?

Mon Jun 25 18 12:12pm
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1) there's only so much time and resources they can dedicate to making the game. Adding character A could easily mean sacrificing character B.
2) the roster is full of redundant characters and characters with no real reason to be included, and people feel those characters are robbing better characters.

Reason 1 to me doesnt make sense since the characters are already there. Yes it does take some manpower to do a tweek and update them, but not as much as creating a new character.
Reason 2 is silly. The characters are there because Sakurai wanted them in? "no real reason" just sounds like an excuse people give because " oh if Dark Pit wasnt there we would surley have gotten Waluigi". To me, he is the only valid gripe for some, but at the same time Sakurai created KIU and im sure hes fond of Dark Pit.

Maybe they aren't relevant any more or they think people largely wouldn't care about them and they could add a potentially better character with the same resources spent. You can't infinitely expand and bloat a roster without running into balance problems. For every character you add, literally every other existing character needs to be balanced against it. More and more characters just means more and more balancing.

See I dont buy this "relevant" thing either. Captain Falcon isnt relevant, but hes one of the biggest stars in Smash. The resource argument i dont fully get, as it would take less resouces working on a character that existed than creating.a new one.

As for the balancing part, i can see that as a good point but at the same time, Sakurai balances the game with multiple modes in mind. Its why Zelda isnt strong in 1v1 but excells in FFA

Relevancy doesn't really matter much in Smash. Yeah, Sakurai does sometime choose characters or things because they are relevant, but removing a character for not being 'relevant' is stupid. Every character in Smash has a fanbase and Sakurai knows this and wicely does not like removing a character (unless he has to, of course).

People always find so many weird and often dumb reason for specific characters to be cut (Nintendo wanting to get away from the Wii branding, so of course Wii-Fit Trainer and Miis must go. Too many swordsmen, so of course a whole bunch of them need to go. Third Party characters are evil, they have to go. Etc etc).

I am sure characters will be cut eventually, for future Smash games, but I am glad Sakurai takes this chance to bring everyone back.

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