Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus - More Switch Vs. PC footage

Panic Button just keeps getting better and better with their Switch ports. It goes to show just what you can squeeze out of a platform if you have the time and technical know-how. Seeing this kind of stuff reminds me of the days when devs would work their butts off to get every last drop of power out of platforms like the SNES or GBC.

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Tue Jul 03 18 05:24pm
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I don't get why these comparisons spend so much time showing FMV cutscenes. Of course they're gonna be similar, they're literally compressed videos, not real-time graphics. 90% of this video was just FMV cutscenes and the video itself was running at 30fps, so that automatically worked in the Switch's favor. This was a dishonest comparison all around.


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