Can you tell the difference between a real and fake Switch Pro Controller?

We're sad to report that fake Switch Pro Controllers have started to hit the market. If you're using sites like eBay to make purchases for your Switch, be on the lookout for fake Switch Pro Controllers. Can you tell which one in the image above is the fake? One of the biggest giveaways is the plus and minus buttons, which jut out a bit on the fake controllers.

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Watch as somehow this bootleg one has a better D-Pad but everything else is worse

The one on the right side is fake, isn’t it?
The rubber on the analogue sticks look terrible, and it seems to be missing the Switch logo too. :D
There’s various other quality differences too.

Do you think the D Pad is better though? ;)

Watch as somehow this bootleg one has a better D-Pad but everything else is worse

The biggest giveaway is actually the lack of a logo on the right controller. If your controller doesn't have Nintendo branding on it, it's not legit.
The one on the right looks kind of bleh too. Maybe it's just the lighting though?

Wed Jul 04 18 04:42pm
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I wonder if the counterfeits have a better D-pad. *snickerdoodles*

But yeah... I'm only buying controllers in stores after getting a fake Wii U Pro controller.

Edit: Oh, somebody beat me to this joke. Rats.

The obvious lack of the Nintendo Switch logo in the middle of the controller should be a dead giveaway.

Every legit Pro Controller also has some drawings carved into the transparent plastic itself (like on the Splatoon one, there's some splats of ink carved into it and Splatoon clothing brands etc), whereas in the picture the one on the right clearly lacks them.

That+lack of Switch logo/branding + buttons having a different appearance + the joytsicks apparently looking slightly different as well are many giveaways that should ring alarm bells at a glance. But then if the ebay offer isn't showing an actual picture of the controller being sold but rather stock images of a real one, then it'd be hard to tell just from the ebay item offer.

Got a question. I got a pro controller that's not wireless but it is branded as a hori pad. Is that fake?

Hori makes officially lisenced controllers and they’re usually wired. Did you buy it second hand?

My dad bought the console alongside the controller. The book that it comes with says hori pad.

It has the removable d-pad, right?

It’s most probably genuine. Who would counterfeit a third party product?
Hori does not make official Nintendo-produced products, but their devices are officially lisenced. There’s an important distinction.

But it won't support motion controls? If not why is it even made?

Sat Jul 07 18 06:57am
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It's more than half the price of the official Pro Controller for a reason! (In amazon.com: Pro Controller is $64.47 while the Horipad is only $20.99)
So you see, there's a market for a well made budget controllers because the official Pro Controller is so expensive (but it is worth it though).

But don't be disappointed with having the Horipad. I hear it has a good d-pad, some think better than the Pro Controller!

It's more than half the price
Pro Controller is $64.47 while the Horipad is only $20.99
That's rather "less than a third of the price" instead of "more than half the price"

Oh yeah, you're correct. But you got the message. :D


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