Kirby Star Allies - Adeleine & Ribbon revealed as Dream Friends

Did anyone guess that Adeleine & Ribbon were the Dream Friends teased in Nintendo's Kirby Star Allies tweet yesterday? If so, give yourself 10 internet points! The pair are coming to Kirby Star Allies in the Summer update, which is yet to have a launch date.

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My inner kid is yelling of happiness....i cant wait!...no, really i cant wait my inner kid is too loud

Absolutely love that this happened but it does kind of weirds me out that Adeline now has a nose... Also, Ribbon! This game absolutely kills it when it comes to fan service. I'm kind of hoping for some kind of paid DLC adventure that incorporates all the returning characters.

Fri Jul 06 18 03:33am
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Oh my goodness! I was right when I guessed the silhouette was one of Adeleine's doodles of Kirby.

I'm so glad Ribbon's coming along too to help her jump. (^_^)

Deep down inside me I cried. Enjoyed watching my siblings play Crystal Shards, I missed the duo


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