More details for Switch Online will be shared closer to launch

Coming from Nintendo's most recent shareholders meeting...

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Come on, Nintendo. We're jyst a couple of months away. Tell us what you are thinking ;)

Like less than 2 months to launch isn't close enough? I bet Nintendo are still scrambling to be ready, 18 months after the Switch's launch. This should have been ready day 1.

Mon Jul 09 18 02:24pm
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I could see another delay happening, until december! but hopefully next year/cancelled

I wouldn't be shocked those 2 guys working on the Switch OS are probably exhausted from making Switch avatar icons. We really need to cut them some slack since Nintendo won't hire anyone else to make their online service and OS features worthwhile.

Mon Jul 09 18 03:36pm
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There’s no reason to play their cards so close to the chest here. I don’t understand what the hell the big secret is about this.

I still say this is ridiculous. When you buy a PlayStation or Xbox, you know well ahead of its launch what you'll be getting from their paid online service. Nintendo, a year and a half later, we still barely know anything.

I know Nintendo likes to keep things a secret because they're in constant fear of the competition "stealing" their ideas, but Nintendo, online play is one area where your competition destroys you and I'm confident that Nintendo isn't going to offer us anything that the competition hasn't already been doing for years. So it'd be nice to let the consumers in on what you have planned. For only $20 a year my expectations are already super low.

Works for me. We're not getting anything great with it, so the longer they take, the longer we get free online.

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