WWE 2K19 officially not coming to Switch

WWE 2K18 could very well be the worst port of any game to the Switch. It really didn't seem to get any optimization, and the resulting port was extremely lackluster. Many were hoping that 2K would set things right with the next year's installment, but now we know there's no chance of that happening. 2K has confirmed that WWE 2K19 is skipping Switch altogether.

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Mon Jul 09 18 02:23pm
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3rd parties always do this. They half ass a game, then when it doesn't sell throw up their hands and don't bother anymore.

Mon Jul 09 18 02:23pm
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3rd parties always do this. They half ass a game, then when it doesn't sell throw up their hands and don't bother anymore.

In this case, that is not what happened here. 2K is NOT a developer.

2k is the publisher who funded the game, and in turn told the dev what to do. If they saw issues with the game, they could have increased funding, and they could have limited funding in the first place, or even told the developer to make the Switch's priority low. And plus, they were the ones who decided to release the title in the state it was in. It was entirely their fault, developers just do what they are told. They don't make these decisions. An example would be Star Fox Zero. Platinum developed (along with a Nintendo team) the game but its clear that the issues lie with Nintendo on that one.

The game was in development indefinitely. When WWE found out that the game was still in development after Black Friday last year, they were furious. If they would have taken their time with it, it would have already been an outdated game that would have been a ripoff to sell for 60 bucks. 2K doesn't have a crystal ball to determine how long it would take Blind Squirrel to port a game. They hired them for a reason and that was to do a good job. If they had known they weren't going to do a good job, they wouldn't have hired them.

Well, I mean first of all, they aren't just telling the developer to port a game, and sitting back. They SHOULD be constantly evaluating the project as it is developed. They should be able to know if the progress is behind schedule, where the issues lie, how to fix the issues, and if they need to increase the budget or find another team. ESPECIALLY since we don't know what the situation was like at Blind Squirrel, they could have been EASILY underfunded. It happens all the time at better publishers, its why Phantom Dust (Xbox One) was such a train wreck, 2k of all publishers is certainly not above under funding a port. Also, they may have been told not to do a good job to begin with. A great example of this is any Bandai game developed by Tose for the GameBoy. Tose is a shadow developer, so they don't necessarily require quality, the only do as their publisher asks (which can be great with good publishers like Square Enix or Nintendo). Bandai made licensed games, so they cared far less about quality then other publishers, like for instance, modern day Bandai Namco. WWE 2k is a licensed franchise, and a sports one at that. Take Two could have easily not cared about quality in the first place.

2K has the money, but resources and people can be lacking. What other teams could they have reached out to for assistance? Rockstar? Not their forte. Firaxis? Not their forte. Gearbox? Not their forte. Visual Concepts? Their the one's actually making the game. Panic Button? Take a number a wait in line.

They could have hired more people to add to the team, increase the funding given to the team, and they can hire temporary workers, companies do it all the time in the industry. Or go to one of the many, many, many porting or co-development studios out there, Panic Button isn't the only studio capable of it, and a lot of studios want work right now.

Who knows what happened? Maybe they did that.

There's always an excuse.

a port of a $#!++y game to begin with is not coming to the switch and you're complaining? as much as i like WWE, these games are shovelware at best


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