Switch takes top 3 spots in Australia software charts for last week

Nintendo had a very good week last week in Australia. Three Switch titles took the top 3 spots on the weekly charts. You can check out the top 10 below.

1. Mario Tennis Aces
2. Mario Kart 8
3. Minecraft
4. Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare
5. FIFA 18
6. Far Cry 5
7. God Of War
8. LEGO Incredibles
9. Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind
10. Grand Theft Auto V

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Oh, nice, Australia data. When/where do they put this out? I'd like to see more of how things are going here.

the source link has the names of the data gatherers but don't specify where

Not bad considering Australia is not that into Nintendo products.

Nintendo has a big following in Australia but the switch penetration hasn't gone as well as I have expected however having said that I have had lots of customers asking for Nintendo switch consoles lately and have not had them in stock but thankfully I received four of them at our store today. The other problem as a customer is that the retail outlets are failing to supply adequate quantities of games, even Mario kart has gone through phases of supply issues at several retail outlets in Australia not to mention breathe of the wild and super mario odyssey!

Capcom Australia is woeful at best as they seemed to have snubbed us out of all but 2 releases thus far (both streetfighter titles which I own) to my knowledge.
Australians get very limited access to titles and lets face it as a retailer if you are presenting a console without games on the shelf then you aren't going to sell as many as units unless you do, the two go hand in hand.
A console is an investment therefore you want to be filled with that confidence that this is not a deal ball straight off the bat especially if you are following up a console such as the wiiU.

Australia has recently implemented an online tax for all international purchases which has resulted in amazon blocking all sales to Australia which has not helped the issue at all. (Amazon Australia is a joke. Inflated prices in general and a poor range that can be found anywhere else locally)

Large retail chains such as target have starting to lose faith in gaming and pushed for it to be diminished to what I would refer to as scraps.
Our biggest stores are ebgames and jbhifi, both of which probably pale in comparison to what is available in regards to product range in other parts of the world.

Nintendo have a very few reps (possibly 5 and that's being extremely generous) that visit stores so I'm lucky to see one 5 times year. I know for a fact that the rep that I speak to services a huge area which covers multiple stores and companies.

I believe the 3ds went extremely well in Australia and perhaps that is why the switch hasn't been able to live up to my expectation in terms of sales but they are solid numbers and I believe in the love for Nintendo down under.

Are things going to get any better in Australia? I doubt it. Getting any sort of information regarding Nintendo switch releases in Australia is near impossible.
Mega man legacy got a lot of press in sites like this as there was early information available regarding its release but did we get it physically? NO!

The question I always pose is has the product failed the people or have the people failed the product... it certainly seems like the later in this instance.

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