Smash Bros. Ultimate - blog update for July 11th, 2018

Today's Item: Pokémon Alolan Raichu

He rides his tail and rushes the enemy. Since he moves freely around the stage, Alolan Racihu may be a bit difficult to dodge.

Today's Music

You can now listen to "Mega Man 4 Medley" the official Super Smash Bros. Ultimate website.

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Ah, yes, my favorite Pokémon, Racihu. ^^ So glad Racihu gets to appear in some form.

Now this is an update!

Yay Raichu is in the game! He's one of my favorite Pokemon. Too bad he's not playable. Might as well have Raichu as a Pikachu echo. We already have Pikachu and Pichu. Might as well round it off with Raichu. We also have 3 Links so I don't see why not. But hey something is better than nothing.

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