Yakuza series producer doesn't think the franchise is right for Switch, cites poor Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Wii U sales

If you think the Yakuza series would be warmly welcomed on Switch, you'd be of a different opinion from Daisuke Sato. Mr. Sato is a series producer on Yakuza, and he doesn't think it would make sense to bring the franchise over to Switch. His main reason is because of poor sales for Yakuza 1 & 2 HD on Wii U. You know, poor sales on Nintendo's worst-selling console, for a compilation that never even left Japan.

UPDATE - Here's the full comment from Mr. Sato.

“To be realistic about what happened, Yakuza 1&2 HD for Wii U was a huge failure. But we are always looking to develop for multiple platforms as much as possible and know that brings in a greater audience to attract more people. However, as far as Switch is concerned, I’m convinced that it isn’t the ideal platform on which to develop Yakuza games. Maybe people don’t expect this kind of game on Switch. Maybe they’re used to different games. It may not be the ideal platform. As for Xbox One, we can consider it, knowing that Xbox One users may be more likely to be interested in a game like Yakuza. This could potentially be an option.”


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I didn't know EA published Yakuza.

This is just plain silly...

Of course he uses the poor Wii U sales excuse

I would buy it on the switch, so this guy is wrong!

I can't tell if your comment is meant to be tongue-in-cheek. If it's not, you know they would need more than one person to buy it and that you may be part of a very small minority right? I have every Yakuza game, including the two Japanese-only releases set in historical times and I wouldn't buy them on Switch.

He's right to cite the Wii U sales as a cause for concetn. Yakuza is a VERY Japanese series and has always performed best in Japan. Who owned Wii Us? The Nintendo hardcore. If they didn't buy the game (and they didn't), the Switch's more casual market certainly isn't going to be more receptive to it. I love my Switch but not "everything" needs to come to it, especially franchise tied so strongly to a particular platform.

On that note, I wonder how Crash performed on Switch.

Crash is the fastest selling Switch game of the year in the UK. Let that speak for itself.

Looking at how Ys is getting renewed interest in the West too, I think having Yakuza on more platforms is a smart move.

Granted, they wont do it, but much like EA and Activision, they dont care nor need it.

Yes, it was meant as tongue-in-cheek. If anyone is going to be able to make this comment Mr. Sato is probably best qualified, but I do think it would sell well on the Switch. Comparing to the Wii U probably isn't fair. I can't find any numbers on Crash but it's continuing to top the UK sales charts. I know I bought it for Switch when it came out recently in the US.

I literally don't know how it's doing, I was merely thinking out loud. I hope Crash does well but I don't see why factoring in the Wii U isn't fair. There were plenty of (Nintendo) games that sold well *relative to the Wii U's install base* even late in its life, so there still was an audience purchasing games, but as others have pointed out, the game performed abominably in Japan, that series' strongest demographic.

I get wanting everything on the Switch, and not getting something you want is upsetting, but at some point we need to take a step back and say "If this was my job, and this is our history with previous releases, and these are the numbers, would it make financial sense for me to advise my company to invest the tens of thousands of dollars and X many man hours into this port?" I wouldn't. Just my $0.02.

Yakuza 1&2 HD came out on Wii U at a time when PS4 and 3DS were dominating the market (though Wii U may have been slightly more successful in Japan than the West, it still didn't sell very well) - not to mention the fact that it was the first release of the series on a Nintendo console. Japan loves handhelds - that's one of the reasons Switch is doing so well. To equate sales on Wii U with potential sales on Switch just doesn't make sense, not least of which because Switch is obviously being bought by significantly more people than just the hardcore Japanese Nintendo fans. I also don't buy the "casual" over "hardcore" definition for Switch owners, especially in Japan. If a Yakuza released day and date on PS4/Switch in Japan, I wouldn't be surprised at all of it sold as well or better on Switch, just because of how popular that system is now.

Yakuza is surprisingly getting more and more popular with the series now on PS4, so I do think they should reconsider making them multiplatform (I’d think they do okay at least on XB1 over here). They’re hitting Steam slowly, so perhaps give it some more time.

Plus the Wii U ones didn’t do bad, they did atrocious. 2,000 sold on release is awful, and kinda showed even Nintendo faithfuls in Japan gave zero damns. I still remember the article here with the statement that it was “a waste of time” for Sega to make them. Waste of money too.

I don't think you can make a case for the whole Nintendo audience of today based on a failed system like the WiiU.
The collection was already available on the PS3 for cheap at the time, and no one bought any third party game on the Wii U at all.

That's a real shame. Yakuza is one of my all time favourite series, and I'd play it literally any console. I'd happily triple dip for Yakuza 0.

Yakuza feel like a Playstation-only serie, like Final Fanstay or Tekken were some times, so I don’t mind it.

I want to have some reason to have my Playstation left untouched.
(PC doesn’t count)

They had 6 Final Fantasies on Nintendo platforms.

And an absolute ton of spin offs. And VC releases.

And Tekken had one on the GBA and Wii U

FF FEEL LIKE Playstation-Only I Said, not that is WAS Playstation-Only

I didn't know EA published Yakuza.

Yeah, this is actually understandable for a change since Yakuza on Wii U didn't just do "bad" by Wii U/Japan only game standards, but it did beyond abysmal and didn't even chart. I think it only sold 2K units in launch week and barely moved anything from there, which made it Sega's worst selling Wii U game in history. Heck, I think it sold worse than any 3DS game they published over there too. Obviously the Switch is in a better place but if the people who were fans of the series when 5 was new didn't pick it up on the Wii U, what would make them pick it up on Switch, outside of owners who went from PS3/PS4 to switch.

The western fanbase only became a thing last year, and I still remember when folks over here mistook these games for GTA clones on Wii U, and I thought it had something to do with psychic people due to the weirdness of the Sega Direct video they made to promote it.

Besides, Yakuza 6 still requies the PS4 Pro to avoid screen tearing and it doesn't run nearly as good as 0 (a PS3 port), so I don't even think the system could truly handle the newer games. 0-5, probably,, but none of the Kiwami or future games using that new engine. This makes total sense.

Good.. then just keep that trash over there..

I never played a Yakuza game but I would've definitely tried out the series had it come to Switch. It's understandable why they won't bring the series over though. Oh well..it's not like SEGA isn't supporting the Switch at all. If they weren't bringing over anything else and had made this statement I would've been a little more bitter.

Of course it sold badly, it was never released overseas where people would've enjoyed it, especially if they never had a PS2/3 and would've loved to explore the setting. It wasn't even given a real chance to do well.

I imported Yakuza 1&2 HD for Wii U from Play-Asia. Can you release it for me, Sega?

And yet they weren't released on PC....

I don't think the new switch 3 4k HD (year 2040) is a good platform for Yakuza 20, cites poor Yakuza 1 and 2 wii u sales.

Citing the worse Nintendo console in sales history is a poor excuse, and this is going to last forever for every lazy third party. Obviously Nintendo console is going to be towards Nintendo fan base because there are the only games they are getting on their platforms. People is not buying a Switch for a Call of duty game because there is no a call of duty game in switch, but instead they are buying a Switch for Zelda because is a very good game and is only available in Switch (and Wii U).


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