Killer Queen Black dev team planning method of communication for online play on Switch

A portion of a TwinGalaxies interview with Bumblebear co-founder Joshua DeBonis...


TG: Communication has also traditionally been an important part of Killer Queen, strategizing around either berries, the snail, or whatever your team needs to win. That won’t be much of an issue on Steam where Discord and things like it exist, but what about Nintendo Switch? Will there be a way to talk with teammates there?

DeBonis: I can’t give an exact answer to that because it’s not something I’m personally working on, but I can say there are plans for it. Outside of that, I do believe that one of the biggest places that Killer Queen Black will shine is when you’ve got a group of people on the couch playing against other teams online together. The game has always been built with that social aspect in mind where friends will chat it out, coordinate on the fly, and have a good time together. That said, yes, there are plans for communication on Nintendo Switch.

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Wed Jul 11 18 05:15pm
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If what is being said about the latest update is true. They have no excuse not to add voice chat.

As of system firmware 5.0 plugging a headset in for voice chat is all you have to do if the developer did their job.

The plans for Switch are: use Discord haha

Played Fortnite last night and was surprised to see my USB Wireless Logitech G933 works perfectly with mic and sound just by plugging in the wireless dongle to the dock!

This is particularly satisfying as the only way it works with the Xbox One X is to plug a stereo cable into the controller.

Has Nintendo said anything about why you have to use a phone for VC in first-party games? Because now we know it's not the only available option.


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