Fortnite gets gyro/motion controls on Switch

Well that is a very quick and welcome addition to the Switch version of Fortnite! The Season 5 update adds in the ability to turn on gyro/motion controls. I think this is going to make for a very different game for anyone playing against Switch owners. Let's show the rest of those Fortnite players how skilled we are!

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This is legit awesome!

Thu Jul 12 18 05:00am
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I love how companies are embracing gyro controls on the Switch. It's strange though how these same games don't have gyro on PS4.

Thu Jul 12 18 05:28am
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I wouldn’t be surprised if companies avoid this on PS4 and Xbox, as there is a very large crowd that would not be happy their years’ or decades’ worth of dual-stick skills are suddenly obsolete and now they need to adapt or instantly be at a very large disadvantage.

Nice !
Time to fire it up ^^

Time to try Fortnite then!

A good game made greater by the addition of gyro controls.

I haven't tried them yet but this remains awesome, even if they need some more fine tuning.

For anyone still on the fence, the free pass is even better now; you get a taste of the Weekly Challenges and more frequent rewards than season 4.

They also made it so that the way you unlock stuff for Drifter and the tier 100 skin are based on XP rather than level, which is good as it still encourages fairly frequent and skilled play but doesn't make it feel like getting all the unlocks for those skins is annoyingly hard for people who don't want to play like upwards of 6 hours a day. Also makes the XP bonuses feel more useful.

After testing them out in a few games I did notice that having gyro plus aim assist on felt awkward so I played another game with the aim assist off and it felt better, but aiming down sights and with a scope with the sensitivity turned up high felt a bit much so I lowered them down to below half and now it feels better. I'd recommend putting scoped sensitivity down even lower than ADS though as scoped motion aiming when it's really high feels a bit tougher than even mouse aiming (I was having a surprisingly hard time hitting shots with a scoped thermal rifle with the scoped sensitivity up high as I don't exactly have the absolute steadiest hands).

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