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Thu Jul 12 18 09:35am
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Man... this game looks so good... its a shame (for me) that the wild pokemon do not battle... its the only thing preventing this game to became a day 1 purchase for me.

Also, the "friendly rival" thing reminds me of Hau, and that is not a good thing for me xD

Whats wrong with Hau? Sure he is overly friendly at the beginning, but he gets better throughout the game and in USUM he actually gets serious towards the end.

At the very least, Hau is definitely not like the Pokemon X/Y kids...ugh. 3 annoying kids that stop you on your journey and a rival that literally just gave up because they know they will never reach up to you.

Hau was different in that while he was overly friendly, you as the MC actaully acted at the rival, which was interesting.

As for Lets Go, they're remakes of Yellow. Where Gray was your rival, who was a prick that you really had desire to want to beat. There should have been a new take on a Gary-like rival. The last thing I wanted was another "friendly" rival, especially when its a remake of a game with an original rival who was a prick.

The thing with Hau imo, is that you can't see him as a rival, its just too friendly. The rival in Pokemon X/Y wasnt particulary good either, but at least it shows frustrations and a genuine desire to defeat you, unlike Hau. Also, I havent completed US/UM, only Sun.

New info trailer!....barely shows anything we didn't know about. The only real info is that the new Kanto map shows that they at the very least added a volcano to cinnabar island and thats it. Doubt it will be explorable.

I dont think Hau is called a rival, he is called a Friend in the game files,, and Gladion in the gamefiles is called the rival

Maybe they dont want jerk rivales anymore because anti-bullying stuff or something like that

Looks great! Not sure about not battling Pokemon to catch them or how you’ll control levelling up Pokemon if you can’t grind.

Looking forward to visiting an updated Kanto. Hope the Pokeball Controller isn’t the only way to get Mew either.

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