Mario Kart 8 Deluxe getting "further updates"

Looks like the Nintendo Labo update for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe isn't the only update Nintendo has int he works for the game. In the clip above, Mr. Takahashi reveals that further updates are coming to the game, but no specifics were shared. We'll just have to hold tight and wait to see what Nintendo is cooking up!


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Thu Jul 12 18 02:56pm
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Take a chill pill dude..
The game is amazing and is still getting played and bought by millions. Why bring out a new one if it's still going so strong?

Thu Jul 12 18 02:44pm
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New Donk City inspired course incoming

Mario Kart 8 is over 4 years old now. I have it on Wii U, loved it but I'm not buying it again for €60 for the Battle Mode they could have and should have fixed on Wii U. Here's a crazy thought, make Mario Kart 9, instead of constantly spitting in the face of your most loyal fans and customers.

Thu Jul 12 18 02:56pm
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Take a chill pill dude..
The game is amazing and is still getting played and bought by millions. Why bring out a new one if it's still going so strong?

When I saw your comment as top comment, I could've bet money on who you were responding to, and I would've won.

Agreed; So negative; no need. No one asked anyone to buy it if they previously owned it.

How is giving free updates to a really popular game spitting in the faces of fans and consumers?

Why did you buy a Switch? Seriously? Go back to your Wii U and quit complaining. Your dead horse is a pile of pulp now.

I can sympathize with what you're saying because I myself hesitated on getting Mario Kart 8 Deluxe after buying the original and all its DLC on the WiiU. But it eventually became worth it to me since my friends and family had plenty more enjoyment to get out of the game and the WiiU was ready to be unhooked from my TV.

If Nintendo made Mario Kart 9, it would be awesome. But it would also need to come with a flashy new gimmick or concept to set it apart (like most Mario Kart games do). And I really don't know what you could add to Mario Kart at this point, beyond little adjustments. 8 is such a perfect game.

Maybe it would be good if Nintendo put out new DLC for Mario Kart 8 and lowered the price on the game at the same time to further entice WiiU version owners to move forward.

I say either A. Just keep updating MK8 with tracks and characters and use this game as a "platform" throughout the Switch's life. OR just go crazy with it and turn Mario Kart into Smash Kart and bring back the double dash mechanic. I want to see Fox Mccloud throwing items on the back of a samus gunship inspired kart with Kirby as the driver on a Pikmin inspired race track.

Thu Jul 12 18 03:40pm
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Here's a shocking thought you might not like: If the developers are bothering to keep supporting a 4+ year old game, it's because they want to please the most loyal fans and customers who still actively play the game to this day.

You are entitled to your opinion all you want, but if you seriously believe your opinion represents the majority or even the "hardcore fans" when said hardcore fans disagree with you all the time and outright mock you for your apparent hatred of anything Nintendo when no one forced you to be on a Nintendo fansite then you need to realize that your opinion is a very isolated one and accept that Nintendo is not going to bend to the will of Sligeach_eire and the two people that think like him, or just find a new hobby or game platform to care about because you certainly are deeply unhappy and frustrated with the direction the company is taking, direction which most fans and customers support, and which is not changing any time soon.

Or perhaps take your frustration and resentment to an echo chamber like /v/ where at least you'll find like-minded individuals to relate with.

So what was our little troll bitching about now? Cant read his comment. It's been reported.

Judging by the responses, it was likely a rant about "How dare Nintendo keep a port of a 4 year old game alive for a little longer instead of giving us a sequel now?"

He's definitely not a troll, but that probably makes it worse. Every Nintendo site/board tends to have that rare type of fan[boy] where their love for a company looks more like resentment, because majority of their comments are either disdain or criticism. Which wouldnt be as much of a problem if they werent trying to speak for all other fans.

Thu Jul 12 18 06:50pm
Rating: 1

Just seems like he's here to be negative about 99% of everything to stir the pot and get attention, and that is kind of the definition of a troll, not?

Anyway. Enough about him. It's A OK to be vocal of a company that do odd choices. But also it's A OK to be positive of the positive things. I can't fathom the entire mobile phone app for chat on the Switch. What the Hell were they thinking? BUt there is also so much good happeneing, like Octopath just releasing ;) And so much we do not know yet since Nintendo keeping in silent. I still have my Wii U even though I got a Switch (and I have many other consoles) and there are games that are just made for the gamepad and I love them. ZombiU and SF0 (I know, I am one of the few) for example.

Why whine on a discussion site?

"they want to please the most loyal fans and customers who still actively play the game to this day."

Absolutely BS. Where's the updates on the Wii U version so? Don't say it couldn't be done or that it would take a lot of effort. Tell me again how much the Wii U sold please? Loyal fans and customers, pure codswallop. People like me and the others who bought the Wii U are the real fans.

And to whoever reported my first comment, you're pathetic. There was nothing in it that was offensive or broke any rules. There's a lot of people that don't like hearing the truth.

People like me and the others who bought the Wii U are the real fans.

Yeah!!! I’m a real fan and I am also looking forward to another great Wii U port launching tomorrow. Great time to be a real fan.

Thu Jul 12 18 06:49pm
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Wii U is a dead platform. Needless to say the number of people playing 8 Deluxe is large enough to guarantee continued support, much like Splatoon 2's support extension.

People like me and the others who bought the Wii U are the real fans.

Here we go again. That misguided, and ridiculous mentality that "I did (x) therefore I'm a TRUE FAN" couldn't be far away from the truth. Nintendo fans couldn't sell the Wii U, and not everyone who bought one was a die-hard Nintendo fan. Far from it, else games like Tropical Freeze wouldn't have outright flopped on the system.

If you feel resentful that your purchase was a waste, then so be it but stop aggrandizing it like if owning a Wii U somehow makes your opinion more important. I have a Virtual Boy, so by your misguided and narrow minded logic my opinion trumps yours. Stop talking for the fans when the fans have told you to shut up. You are not the voice of the masses, your opinion is individual and personal.

My Wii U is just next to my Dreamcast. I did that very much on purpose ;)

Your statements are pure trash. Like what has the Virtual Boy got to do with anything? The Wii U is completely relevant seeing as more than half of Nintendo's output on Switch have been Wii U ports.

Or that you say Nintendo fans couldn't sell the Wii U, that's not our job, that was Nintendo's job and they couldn't have sabotaged the Wii U any more than if they had tried deliberately.

I don't remember anyone telling me to shut up and they shouldn't either. That's no way to talk to someone. There's more wrong with your post but I've wasted enough of my time replying.

Thu Jul 12 18 07:55pm
Rating: 2 (Updated 1 time)

You either didn't read my statement or fail to realize your own ridiculous logic. The point is you owning a Wii U doesn't make your opinion more credible, important, relevant, or hold any more value than anyone else's.

So let me just put it clear and simple. You are not special because you bought a failure of a system.

I don't remember anyone telling me to shut up and they shouldn't either.

All the negative responses to your comments, the way people speak of you with contempt, and the fact that you've become a laughingstock in this community should be more than enough proof for someone as narrow minded as you that phrasing your comments as if you speak for everyone is not appreciated. You complain about people "being scared of facing the truth" but you cannot comprehend criticism towards you, ignoring all the comments that keep being put on your replies.

Ultimately like in my first reply, the point is that if you cannot find any enjoyment in the thing that's the site's topic anymore, what are you doing here anyways? Either go and find something you like or at the very least a place where your negativity towards everything is appreciated, instead of continuing being treated as a joke by the community at large because in the clearest of terms your presence has not been welcome by most people.

To much trash talking from you and I'm not wasting my time reading it or any of your future tripe. Congratulations, you've made the ignore list.

Mon Jul 16 18 03:55am
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Total agree with that. Nintendo should focus on new games (Mario Kart 9) and not constantly bring content updates for old games. A lot of people, like myself, are done with old games and want to move on.

Thu Jul 12 18 03:21pm
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I would strangle a giraffe for more courses to race on in Mario Kart 8. Hopefully that does not become necessary.

Thu Jul 12 18 06:51pm
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I can't imagine it won't happen, so no need to threaten the ungulate population.

I think they should just remaster every course in every installment and charge whatever they want. I'll pay it.

Thu Jul 12 18 03:23pm
(Updated 1 time)

Retro are busy adding updates to Mario Kart.

They worked on Mario Kart 8 and Deluxe.
Rumour is they worked on Labo (but Nintendo didn’t advertise that because the fans would freak out it wasn’t Metroid).
No confirmed word on what Retro have been working on since DKCTF.
E3 passed without anything from Retro.
Labo support came to Mario Kart 8 DX...makes sense if Rare worked on both.

It’s all speculative but makes sense imo.

Rare are busy adding updates to Mario Kart.
That's a weird way to spell Retro =P

LOL woopse. Freudian slip.

Everyone should really lower their expectations here. Notice that he was speaking in the context of the Nintendo Labo update, which wasn't really anything we would consider content.

Nintendo has had over a year to capitalize on DLC for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and we haven't seen any of it. It's very unlikely at this point.

My guess is that it will interact with the mobile game somehow.

Thu Jul 12 18 05:35pm
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Nice to see someone with such common sense here Smile

But I would love nes levels. I can hope, eh?

Yah, that's a very good bet.

I’m starting to get pumped up! Hype train is still looking good to go!

I would much rather Nintendo simply add more content to MK8D than release a whole new game that would take years to build.

The reason why Nintendo had to keep making new Mario Karts in the past was because the technology kept changing from console to console, and there was no way for them to really update the game.

Now we have a console that already has a great looking Mario Kart game. We have a console capable of DLC. Why build a whole new game when they could simply add more digital content to the best Mario Kart game in years (and the only one I’ve ever really enjoyed, personally)? What can they do from a technological perspective in MK9 that MK8 doesn’t already do? Slightly improve the graphics?

It’s just like how Smash Bros Ultimate is built off of Smash 4, rather then starting from scratch. With so much already made, they were able to make what’s going to be the most content-rich game in the franchise.

With MK8, the game is already PORTED. What’s the point in throwing that away when they could simply continue building on it and make it even bigger and better than it already is? Aside from being able to put a “9” on it and call it a new game, of course.

Other than some loose connectivity with MK Mobile, I don't see it getting new content in terms of characters and courses [when MK9 for Switch 2 is being worked on].

Probably some new Battle Arenas / focus.

Making DLC for MK8D is the crappiest thing Nintendo could do. It's bad enough that they've ported most of the Wii U's library, and that they charge WAY TOO MUCH when it comes to ports, but to lock entirely new, presumably major, content behind what's essentially $60 that most of us have already paid when it comes to the Wii U version of the game is just outright terrible. There's no defense for such an action should it happen and there's no defense for the way Nintendo prices their ports. Like none of this would be an issue if MK8D launched at like $35 considering you know MK8 came out out just THREE YEARS PRIOR, but no it's $60, the price of a brand new game just like Tropical Freeze is the price of a brand new game when all it adds is one character.

All of this is crappy and Nintendo is to blame. There is no justification, and as someone who bought MK8 when it launched on the Wii U, I'm gonna feel pretty darn rejected if MK8D get's DLC.

He never said the DLC would be paid. It could be like Splatoon (not counting Octo Expansion, which is a true expansion), Arms or Mario Tennis Aces


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