Who's up for a juicy Nintendo Direct rumor?

The last 2 times 4chan had a rumor on a Nintendo Direct, it turned out to be right. I don't mean just a few things right here or there. I mean they nailed complete Nintendo Direct rundowns. Information was absolutely spot-on. I didn't share that information those last two times, and I now regret those decisions. Am I going to let the same thing happen again? Not a chance in hell!

With my luck, this rumor will turn out to be completely false. The thing is, there are a couple tidbits in here that give at least some tiny shred of believably. First up, the Funko information on a Pokemon collab is mentioned in the post. That's info we found out yesterday, but this post is dated July 10th. Second, the post goes into detail about Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC. Just today, we found out Nintendo has more in the works for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. With those two tidbits of noteworthy info, I'll share the full rundown with you.

Click through the jump to see the full post. Some of it seems rather outlandish, but we can dream!


Still think the Star Fox GP is a thing and that might be shown this year!

Disaster: Day of Crisis will also be making its way to Switch.

May God and Iwata-san hear you

A few things seem possible but other reeks of BS (Like Cuphead for example). Also a Direct on Sunday? sounds fishy.

Let's what happens...

Thu Jul 12 18 10:24pm
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This is all true... The smaller version of me works at Nintendo.

I'll take this rumor with a HUGE grain of salt... But that said, we are about due for a new Direct.

Captain Toad seems to be the last game to round off the first half of this year of 1st party titles, so now we can see what else Nintendo has in store for the rest of the year (not counting what's already been announced and dated).

Hmm...wonder if it really is fake.

It seemed like a lot, but fairly probable... Until I got to Mother 3D-that screamed fake!

Taking this rumor with a truckload of salt.

I would like it to be true, but I have my doubts.

Even half of it happening would be cool (not the funkp part tho)

This is like two really amazing E3 presentations worth of announcements... in one random July Nintendo Direct? Yeah, I wish it could all be real but there's just no way.

Funko recently got the rights to make Pokemon Pops.

"The last 2 times 4chan 8 up and 16wallowed a 32mor like this we 64went all cautions and ERROR INTEGER OVERFLOW DETECTED.

I don’t mind GoNintendo having posts about rumors. We know rumors are just that.

That being said...this rumor is so juicy. Too juicy to believe I think. I’d love for it to be true though

I think most of this is fairly believable, especially the second post. The ones I doubt though:

-Final Fantasy VII. Borderline vapor ware at this point and, knowing SE, they probably won't officially can the project until 2020.

-Odessey Sunshine DLC. Given how deeply the game has been datamined, I feel like something this big would have popped up by now.

-New Super Mario Switch. Probably will happen but it's too early for it. Probably a Q4 2019 game given Nintendo's current line up. I'd argue the same for Mario Maker.

As for the rest, I could totally see it happening. Mother 3D just follows the trend of remaking GBA/GameCube games that Nintendo has been on for awhile and we all know damn well that the Amiibo would sell like crazy.

Seemed a credible list, up until the "Kingdom Hearts 3 getting ported" voice...

Nice try, rumor-splainers.

There are many likely things to happen in the rumor post. But FFVII, KH3 are very likely to be fake, the rest are previously mention rumors from other sources, like K. Krool and Dixie Kong coming to Smash, the Fox game and the DLC for MK8 and Odyssey. This post is much like a guess list than "leaks".

Sun Jul 15 18 03:31pm
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So far, there's those 3 solid details that match. And they aren't exactly a small coincidence. KH and FF run on Unreal, and Switch natively supports Unreal 4. If they wanted it to run, they could do so without much issue. Would probably be a 720p/30fps game, but still functional. I would love for someone to explain why KH3 wouldn't run other than "buh buh buh graphics!"

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