Splatoon 2 hacker explains why he took over the game's leaderboards

Yesterday we shared the above image of a Splatoon 2 hacker who took over the game's leaderboards in order to tell Nintendo that they need to work on anti-cheating measures. While the hacker's method of getting the message out there might not have been the most appropriate, it certainly did get the attention of many. Now the person behind the hack has explained why they did what they did, and at least their intentions were genuine.

“My purpose was to call attention to the current issue that plagues the game, and I’ve done that, but my message is, please make protecting your players the top priority.”

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i met him in my lobby last night.. his drawing also called out his hashtag for anti cheating..

Yet this will most likely fall on deaf ears and the game will be overrun by easy to use hacks.

Fri Jul 13 18 11:23pm
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This is like a less serious version of someone shooting everybody in a parking lot and then saying they did it so the parking lot would increase its security. Sure, maybe they should: but you are still the one who is doing something wrong. Saying they want to bring attention to it: that's why terrorists say they go on rampages. I can't take his side.

Sat Jul 14 18 07:02am
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I'd say it's more like jaywalking and holding a protest without a permit to promote anti-murderer laws. Not all crimes are created equal. He wasn't going into matches and ruining games, he just screwed with the leaderboards. Still a "criminal", and deserved the ban he got but c'mon.

No, you're right. My original comparison was insulting and offensive. Not sure where my head was at last night that I felt okay saying that.


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