Super Mario Party being developed by Nd Cube

Super Mario Party seems to return the franchise back to the days of more traditional board game play, which is exactly what a majority of fans have wanted for quite some time now. Some may have seen that swing back to old-school gameplay and figured a different company was handling development, but that's not the case. Nd Cube, the team who started working on Mario Party games with the 9th entry, are the ones handling development on Super Mario Party.

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Cool. Now that the "shock" of Nintendo's E3 conference has worn off, I'm genuinely excited for this. Looks like a classic Mario Party with some fresh updates and the joy-con are perfect for this kind of thing. Bring it on!

"Fine! We'll do it your way, but you don't know what you're missing with this car mechanic!"

Was anyone expecting anyone different. Thought this was pretty obvious. That being said this looks like it has the potential to be ND Cubes first good Mario Party. 1/6 ain't bad?

Star Rush was considered to be pretty good by folks who liked the older ones, and Wii Party/Party U are games that people like significantly more than the other party titles. Don't think it's the developer that was the issue, just the quality of the franchise/ideas itself.

ND Cube hasn't made a lot of great games. This one may prove otherwise.


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