Nintendo and Colopl's lawsuit clarified

Some of you might remember that Nintendo and Colopl are currently in the middle of a lawsuit over five potential patent infringements. If you did recall that info, you might have been really scratching your head when you saw that Colopl plans to bring their White Cat Project to Switch in 2020. How is it possible that this legal battle and game support both coexist? Nintendo clarified the situation with a statement.

“Their game software sales and the lawsuit are completely separate matters.”

A very short and to-the-point explanation of the situation. I guess in this instance, the two sides really are keeping these aspects of their business separate. Hopefully all this lawsuit stuff is wrapped up by 2020!

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Apple and Samsung had lawsuits for several years while still working together and Samsung provided components for Apple devices. Sometimes companies can behave like adults.

Sometimes fans forget that corporations don’t have feelings.


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