Nitrome working on Bomb Chicken patch, considering DLC, and has more Switch games in the works

Nitrome recently released Bomb Chicken for the Switch, and it's absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend the game if you like puzzle platformers with gorgeous pixel animation. What's Nitrome up to following the release of Bomb Chicken? The team answered that question and some others in a Reddit AMA. You can get the juiciest tidbits below.

On more Switch support

Yes, we have some games that are incubating, but we can't say what they are just yet.

On patches and potential for DLC

We have a patch in the works atm to fix some nasty bugs and a rare Unity slowdown issue happening for a handfull of players (there is an easy temp workaround for this though) . Sure, we will do DLC, if the game sells well enough. It's too early to tell on sales atm, we are hoping people put down Octopath long enough to give it a more of a chance ;) There is no reward but there are a lot of the hardest and most creative challenges locked away for people to find as secrets.

Potential for a physical release

We're talking to some special folks about this. Can't say more at this stage.

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Tue Jul 17 18 03:19pm
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Love their mobile games, one of the best developers for the platfoms. Nice to see them supporting the switch.

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