Octopath Traveler takes #1 spot on Switch eShops in Japan, United States, and more

Looks like Octopath Traveler fever is hitting the world! A look at the Switch eShop in both Japan and the United States shows that Octopath Traveler is currently sitting pretty in the #1 position, beating out heavy-hitters like Minecraft and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. Let's hope the rest of the world follows along!

UPDATE - Looks like the game has hit #1 in Australia as well! Thanks to @RetroGameTrip for the heads up!

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Nice! I got this and Toad but I'm happier for the success of Octopath because this is a have people have waited since the mid-90s to see.

Glad to see that this game is doing well. I was worried that people would ignore it but that doesn't seem to be the case thankfully. I can't wait to pick it up soon

Now will we see any more titles from Square that they want to sell well or are they playing the wait and see approach.

#1 on the eshop in Canada too! Smile

Wed Jul 18 18 08:05am
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Number one here in Norway also. Just checked ;)

It's also sold out basically in all shops, so physical is going well too.

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