Little Dragons Cafe creator talks about in-game weather, day/night cycle, and potential for DLC

A portion of a Gematsu interview with Little Dragons Cafe creator Yasuhiro Wada...


G: We know that weather plays an important role in Little Dragons Cafe in terms of customer traffic. Does weather affect any other areas of the game?

Wada: “Technically, not really. Maybe small things like your stamina might not be as good on bad weather days. There is no big effect to the game itself.”

G: How about the day and night cycle?

Wada: “The ingredients that you can collect during the day and night can differ. This is something I discussed with the artist, but as far as gameplay goes, [the day and night cycle] doesn’t affect the game negatively, what I really wanted to show was the scenic differences such as the sunset and the beauty of the island. I really wanted the player to see the various aspects of color usage.”

G: Are you planning any post-launch downloadable content?

Wada: “If it becomes a series. For now, no. But if it becomes a series, there is definitely a possibility. There are a lot of things I want to do for this franchise. Little Dragons Cafe is a brand new IP and a big risk we’re taking, and we did our best to make the best game with our budget and want to see it succeed. If it succeeds, then what successful game doesn’t have a sequel? I have a lot of ideas, and it’s very difficult to implement everything into this first game. If Little Dragons Cafe is successful and people are willing to see more, then in the sequel we’ll be able to take more of a risk and implement more things that the fans are asking for.”

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