Epic makes over $1 billion in revenue from Fortnite in-game purchases

The following info comes from Superdata...

- Epic has made over $1 billion so far entirely from Fortnite in-game purchases
- viewers watched almost 700 million hours of battle royale content in May, with Fortnite accounting for 83% of that

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Tue Jul 17 18 04:36pm
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I contributed 30 bucks to it last night since my son wanted the Save the World campaign though it will be free later this year. He earned it to do some extra chores so I was going to argue.

That’s impressive in the relatively short time the game has been out

And it was BEFORE the Switch version releases...

Get ya hooked, microtransaction the f out of ya, make a bunch of random flat rate season passes bam! Pokemon Go!

I think this is 'in-game purchases' done right! Nothing you buy gives you an advantage in battle royal so any time you buy something it's because you feel you want to, not need to. Plus you know exactly what you're getting!

I've contributed €9.99 of that to buy the Season 4 Battle Pass, and with all the missions etc. that the pass unlocks I got hours and hours of enjoyment out of that purchase; not to mention all the skins, emotes, etc.that I unlocked along the way. Money well spent in my opinion! Plus one earned back enough V-Bucks to get the next Battle Pass for free! Happy days!

Tue Jul 17 18 08:37pm
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Is it done right? I had the thought yesterday that other than the $10 I spent to buy into the season 4 Battle Pass, I'm zero dollars further into the Fortnite hole. I earned enough in game currency to buy season 5, and despite seeing items I'd like enough to pay something for, I can't bring myself to justify the prices. $8 for the cheapest, dullest costumes and accessories (EDIT: there's a $5 basic glider up right now). Almost as much as the Battle Pass, where I can enjoyably earn several costumes and accessories. It's soooo far out balance.


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