Sonic Mania Plus' "The Art of Sonic Mania" booklet includes a secret uplifting message

SEGA snuck in a secret morse code message on the back of the Sonic Mania Plus art book. If you translate the Morse code message, here's what you get.

I can verify this to be true because the image of the art book is a picture I took, and I typed out the Morse code message as well! The message certainly ties into the themes of Sonic Mania, but it's also a wonderful message in general.

Thanks to Clayton for the heads up!

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I loved finding this. I love this game and this team. Here's to more Mania in the future!

Wed Jul 18 18 09:00am
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(classic) Sonic is back! (classic) Sonic is back! (classic) Sonic is back!

The alternate Genesis cover is greatness.

I really do like the back story of Sonic Mania.

Sonic fans: Modern Sonic sucks.

SEGA: Okay, YOU GUYS make a Sonic game then. (Heh, they'll get frustrated when they see how hard it is.)

Sonic fans: Okay, done. *Gets buried in awards and high acclaim*

I'd be totally okay with other third parties and maybe even Nintendo itself doing this in the future too. Hell, let fans make a new F-Zero.


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