WarioWare Gold's "Gamer" mini-game replaces the Virtual Boy with a Wii U

One of Game and Wario's many features was an experience called 'Gamer,' which you see above. On the right-hand side of the screen you can see a Virtual Boy in 9-Volt's room. A nice tribute to one of Nintendo's least-popular platforms ever. Well it turns out the Gamer game has been updated for WarioWare Gold, which you can check out below.

Boy, that's both sad and beautiful. Not only have a GameCube and a Super Famicom been added, 9-Volt has removed the Virtual Boy from his room and put a Wii U in the same spot. Yet another Nintendo hardware release that didn't really find an audience. May it live on forever in WarioWare!

Thanks to @TinTinfinite for the heads up!


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Wed Jul 18 18 03:19am
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Come on, 9-Volt would have had the deluxe Wii U.

Wed Jul 18 18 03:19am
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Come on, 9-Volt would have had the deluxe Wii U.

Maybe becuz the white one was deluxe in Japan I believe check Google...

https://www.google.com/amp/s/kotaku.com/the-wii-u-premium-set-is-now-in-white-510424076/amp yes Japan ended up getting their deluxe set in white. Ours stayed black only so that could very well be the white premium model

We also got the Deluxe White 32GB unit here in the states, but it was only offered after the fact at NoA online store as a refurbished unit. I know, because I own it, so while I agree that in game model represents the Japanese release. We did in fact get it as well, just not in the conventional way.

The n64 is also there

Gonna need a burn heal for that one

He's also now playing on a 3DS-esque device.

That's a 2DS actually

I guess 5-Volt won't let him have 3D.

Nice. Never saw a 2DS from behind before. In fact, I haven't seen them a lot around here.

I've only seen them in pictures as well. I don't know anyone who actually has one, although then again I remember they were marketed to younger children.


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