Sakurai says bringing back every fighter for Smash Bros. can only happen once, future Smash games likely to have fewer characters

The focus with Smash Bros. Ultimate is to bring back every single character who was ever playable in the Smash Bros. franchise. That means the roster is insanely huge, and even has a couple new characters so far! That must mean the next Smash game after Ultimate is going to absolutely MASSIVE, right? Not so, says Sakurai.

In Sakurai's latest Famitsu feature, the man himself says the amount of total fighters in the next Smash game is likely to be smaller than what you see here in Smash Bros. Ultimate. Sakurai believes you can only bring back every single fighter once, so this is a very special event. This also leads him to believe that future Smash titles might be a bit sabotaged due to the grandiose nature of this outing.

With that said, Sakurai isn't really thinking about the future of Smash. He'll worry about the next game if/when it happens. For now, he's focusing all his development power on making Smash Bros. Ultimate the best it can be.

These tidbits were translated by the wonderful gang over at Source Gaming. Make sure you check them out!


Wed Jul 18 18 02:23pm
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But i cant go back to a game with only 12 fighting characters!! No Sakurai dont!!! And im not just saying this because i know my favorite character would be on the chopping block!!!

I hope it's long time before another Smash after Ultimate is even considered.

Smash has been traditionally a once per console series and Switch's successor won't come until 2023 or later.
There's plenty of time before the next Smash.

I ain't ready to lose Snake again.

I know that this has been said a lot already but I hope Sakurai's next project is something other than Smash Bros like a new Kid Icarus, or a revival of an old IP, or heck even a new IP. Sakurai is really talented dude and it would be a shame if just kept on focusing all of his talent on just Smash Bros.

Uprising can really work on switch since it's dual stick and it can benefit that nice 1080p too!

Some franchises go for so long that they can do this kind of ultimate releases more than once...

I.E. Mortal Kombat Trilogy (all characters up to 1996) and Mortal Kombat Armageddon (all characters up to 2006, including everyone from Trilogy).

Difference is... MK Trilogy didn't have Third party characters in there.

Be my guest, Sakurai. I wouldn't mind seeing some clones and less-interesting characters removed. It seems like fewer characters would result in a tighter gameplay experience.

That’s because the next one (if they make one) will have to be a new game.

Hopefully the Switch's successor allows for BC with Switch games then.

Whatever you think of this game, you have to admit it's a huge task to bring everyone back. For third-party characters alone, they have to work out the licenses.
Sometimes, I think even Nintendo characters are not except, I mean, imagine Shigesato Itoi suddenly doesn't give consent to have EarthBound elements or The Pokémon Company pulls a Yoshi's Woolly World.

I'm convinced it's because of Konami that Brawl wasn't re-released on Wii U and why Snake didn't return in Smash 4.

Out of curiosity, what do mean 'pulls a Yoshi's Woolly World'?

Fri Jul 20 18 12:17am
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Remember that in Yoshi's Woolly World you can get a design/pattern based on a character's amiibo? You can get one from all the pre-DLC Smash Bros. amiibo except from the Mii Fighters and the Pokémon characters. The latter is most likely beacuse of The Pokémon Company. They didn't even allow them for the 3DS version.

In fact, I've read they're not compatible with Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash either. Another game that supports all the pre-DLC Smash Bros. amiibo save for the third-parties, Mii Fighters and Pokémon.


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