The Witness creator once again says Switch port isn't being worked on, but not completely out of the question

If I had to guess, I'd say The Witness isn't coming to Switch. Creator Jonathan Blow has been asked about it numerous times now, and he's been wishy-washy on the idea at best. Here he is once again talking about the potential for a Switch port to Eurogamer.

"I wouldn't say never, but we worked on that game for a long time. We could have done more ports but I felt like it was a good idea to give the team a break and work on some new things. We're working on new projects now. We're not really working on ports of The Witness but that could change. Something could happen. We could outsource it and quality control in-house. But we're not currently doing anything."

Hopefully Blow's new game ends up making its way to Switch. I know he had slight interest in bringing The Witness to Wii U way back in the day, but that never came to be. With Switch's popularity, I'd think supporting the platform with his newest game would make a lot of sense.

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And let's bet that by the time he does bring it to Switch, shortly after, he'll announce it's been successful enough to fund a sequel. Care to guess why?

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I guess Switch should first prove itself to stay with us for the long run. Or it will be abandoned in only a few years from now like all the other machines. I think those short machine cycles are getting old fashioned anyway.. It is a business thing that is bad for our planet and also bad for our creativity. Better just keep supporting what is already out there as well, and new original creations might find their way to our good old dust-free consoles. And who know's we'll witness a surprising release of the best or most fun game ever on Switch, Wii or SNES more then a decade or two after its launch!

I guess that's the beauty of being a successful independent developer, you can work on passion projects without "the man" forcing you to toil away on boring ports for the mighty dollar.

Jonathan Blow is weird, no Braid and The Witness on Switch. Also no retail versions of these two games.

I would pay fullprice for each game as a retail release. Companys like LRG and SRG would love to release his games retail...


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