CAPCOM kicks off a 3DS and Wii U Summer eShop Sale

Spend the Summer playing your favorite Capcom games! Monster Hunter, Ace Attorney, Resident Evil and other Capcom titles on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U are up to 80% off during the Capcom Summer Sale! The sale runs 7/19 at 9am PT to 7/25 at 8:59am PT.


Man, even if 3U and 4U are antiquated by Generations and World standards, the amount of play time you get for $6-$9 is wild.

Even for Generations, which is $16, now's a good time to start, and then transfer your save data to Gen U when it hits in August.

Weird that on the E-Shop of my country, Apollo Justice is more expensive than Ace Attrney Trilogy

Nothing for Switch though? Boo.

Any recommendations for what Phoenix Wright to get? I've never played a Phoenix Wright game for some reason, despite wanting to get into the series back in the DS days.

Fri Jul 20 18 03:01pm
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I would reccomend the trilogy because it's 3 games and it's the start of the series, so if you enjoy and decide to get the other ones you are already invested in the characters and with knowledge of what happened between them.

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