Octopath Traveler's dev team sees their wish come true

July 7th in Japan is Tanabata (Star Festival), a celebration where people write their wishes on Tanzaku and hang them on bamboo. Acquire Studios, Square Enix’s development partner for Octopath Traveler, took part in the Tanabata festivities this year, and it seems most of the staff have had their wish come true.

Takuma Endo, President of Acquire Studios, wrote a message that said, “I hope Octopath Traveler will sell many copies.” Many other Acquire devs had similar messages that they shared on their Tanzaku. Whether you believe in something like this or not, it's still great to see the wishes of so many employees come true.

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Very cool, and the high sales and praise for the game are well deserved! Even just playing the demos before the game was released made me more interested in playing some of the classic JRPGs out there (FF VI, Chrono Trigger, etc.) Octopath Traveler is a beautiful, well-written game so far with excellent gameplay and music!

This game is an absolute joy to play and these developers deserve it.

Good exclusive third party games are selling well on Switch... we're in for a damn good Nintendo platform if this keeps up.

Aw that's really sweet. Hope that we get more great games like Octopath in the future.

When a game is made, devs would obviously want it to sell well so they can be motivated and get to keep their jobs.

If they want it sold more, make it multiplat. Simple as that.


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