Hackers release Octopath Traveler save editor

Octopath Traveler hasn't been around long at all, but hackers have already cooked up one tool for the game. The software allows you to edit your save data for the game, and it has all sorts of options. You can change character jobs, items, how much money you carry, and much more.

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People sure like to call for the censor button when people.have opinions they don't agree with.

Sat Jul 21 18 04:28am
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That is the only way for me to replay all these old-school rpgs with terrible mandatory grinding, terrible random battles and turn-based combat. When I was a child, I would go through this sh*t and spend hours grinding, running in circles waiting for random battles to pop up, infinitely pressing A or X for my character to do the basic attack because that's the only viable option for quick fights in these "highly strategic" combat systems, randomly dying to random one-shot attacks against super frustrating bosses that would make you go through the whole dungeon again when you fail to beat them, randomly dying because of a random battle when I wanted to explore a dungeon just a tad more because I love exploring.

This whole thing for me is just the ultimate anti-gameplay. This whole cr*p is just utterly broken. There's no other way to put it. And now I don't have the time nor do I have the will anyway to go through this again. That's why save editors have been my only way to revisit old school rpgs for, let's face it, the only good things they had to offer, and that's visuals, story and music. So thanks to that I replay these games and actually have fun with them, getting rid of random battles altogether, simply deciding what level my characters are, getting that object I missed in those five minutes of gameplay you can never get back to, or better yet just resetting my save where I want in the game, with the items I want, etc. I mean in the end, it's just like having a gamebook where you are the hero, that would be very broken, and trying to change it the only way it can really be enjoyable, which is as a normal book.

So who knows, even though the battle system doesn't seem so bad in Octopath, all the rest of the cheapness is definitely there, so maybe a save editor actually existing just increased my chances of buying the game in the end.

Sat Jul 21 18 07:49am
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Geez, for the time that it took you to write this comment - you could of done a decent amount of grinding.....it probably would have been more enjoyable.

Probably not, no.
Ease of development, that's why these things I'm complaining about were there. Problem is, now there's been Baten Kaitos. Valkyrie Profile. Crono. Skies of Arcadia... etc. In our day and age, they're really hard to justify. And most people like them or rather tolerate them because nostalgia.

What games are you referring to exactly? Your points are fair and it's easy to see where you're coming from. I love Final Fantasy, but a lot of what you've mentioned is very much present in those games, however I still enjoy them (mostly). Are you referring to that series or are you generalizing the genre?

Out the top of my head, Final Fantasy of course, and that's the main influence there with Octopath obviously. Dragon Quest, Breath of Fire, Suikoden, Wild Arms... they all suffer from some of these issues to some degree.

Now of course, there has always been some other games that change things up because they're aiming for another flow and another type of experience, or because they want to evolve the formula. Star Ocean and Tales of did that thanks to visible enemies and an interesting battle system. Crono thanks to visual presentation mainly because a lot of the visible enemies in Crono are mandatory anyway, so it's mainly a visual difference there. Ys, Zelda, Seiken Densetsu just flat out got rid of turn-based, Valkyrie Profile made dungeon crawling actually interesting, Lunar had visible enemies and Grandia had that plus an incredible battle system.

Then later there was stuff that went even further, like Shadow Hearts which is incredible, Skies of Arcadia and even the classic series that were guilty of these practices started to feel that they could no longer work the way they did and DQ started having visible enemies at least, and Final Fantasy went super far with XII (my favorite), XIII which was super arcadey and XV which was pretty much Kingdom Hearts battle system. So it's hard to find an excuse for games nowadays to rely on stuff like that because nostalgia, when even the most backward thinking of these series have taken several steps in the right direction.

And also anyway, Baten Kaitos pretty much nailed classic rpg on every level, so they even already have examples of the classic formula evolved and perfected. ^^

People play games how they want to play them.

Sure, RPG "grindiness" could feel like one has "earned" the money and experience or whatever. It's part of the experience, and it's not usually fun to start a game and be able to just buy all the best stuff right from the start and tank through everybody without even appreciating the subtleties of the battle system because one is strong enough not to have to care.

But yes, when grinding becomes too much of a requirement, it can become a drain on players' real-life time. Games are supposed to be fun, and if you have a family or other responsibilities and find that you only have a couple hours each week to play, can you really blame anyone for wanting to skip the grinding?

This isn't a multiplayer game, where cheating would hurt others. In a single-player game, one only cheats themselves of the experience, but if that's what they want to do, why stop them? As long as they don't brag about finishing the game sooner than everyone else or whatever (assuming anyone cares). I didn't go around bragging that I finished Ultima VI: The False Prophet way back in the day when I said "spam, spam, spam, humbug" to Iolo to cheat the heck out of that game.

That's part of my point yeah. These games in general should give us a lot more options.
It's not a surprise to me that each time a big rpg releases, the save editor is the next thing to hit the modding scene. The best save editors I've seen are the FF ones, all complete with super cool interfaces, sounds from the game, and even freaking music for some. I really think there is an audience for this to be integrated to a degree directly into the games. Bravely Default definitely was a step in the right direction.

Seriously, stop reporting on hackers, Its not something that should be celebrated.

Stop reporting on murders and violence. It’s not something that should be celebrated.

See how dumb that sounds?

No one is celebrating.

Not exactly the same thing............

No one said they were..........

News is news. Good or bad the information should be made available if it relates to Nintendo here. It's not an endorsement of hacking just that hacking does.exist.

Oh come on, there isn’t any copyright infringement, theft or anything in the present case. And the game isn’t online so your gameplay isn’t even impacted.
If you don’t like this save editor, just ignore it and play the game, you’ll be fine.
Hacking is not always bad, it brought us great things such as the Mother 3 fan translation. It also allows us preserve memory of certain games that publishers don’t want to support anymore and that would eventually disappear, otherwise.

Totally seconding Malavida's deleted comment :D

My comment's been deleted seriously ? ^^ I can see it just fine ^^

Oh well anyway, I know it's unpopular opinion for "hardcore" gamers but there definitely are a lot of people thinking that way. Also notice my avatar ? Yeah I do love jrpgs, and I do like turn-based sometimes, only when it's good that is.

People sure like to call for the censor button when people.have opinions they don't agree with.

Well, I can't read it, but I've read it earlier. Didn't expect sush a backlash, thought...

I totally despise grinding and anything that's based a luck and random occurrences. But with hacks like these I can enjoy RPGs that would have annoyed me otherwise.

Though I won't actually use it, because I don't wanna modify anything on my Switch.

This is true, I did not intend to mod anything on my Switch. This might evolve into something super user-friendly though. We've seen it in the past.

Someone hit the report button earlier so it gets hidden from view until reviewed.

There’s a lot of that happening on this site recently. People reporting other readers comments just because they disagree with them and not because they violate any rules.

If people don’t like what you have to say they can add you to their ignore list and your posts will no longer show to them and you will not be able to reply directly to their comments.

But then those people could no longer practice being “offended” by difference of opinion.

That's kind of weird reallt. Don't they have better things to do ?

Atleast this is a single player game so it wouldnt affect others as much, pokemon on the other hand gets online totally ruined by stuff like that consistently. Week 1 and 2 metas used to be different when you actually need to take your time to get your teams and not hack "perfect pokemon with the right hidden power instantly"

Also, in theory i think you can get max level (or a ton of levels at least) just by facing a cat enemy in this and go for bewildering dance x 100 exp and killing it. Low odds but totally likely to be the fastest speedrun strat if you could set it up to happen as soon as possible.


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