Capcom explains why it took so long to bring Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate to NA/EU

You might remember the struggle between Switch owners and Capcom when it came to Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. Fans begged Capcom to bring the game to the states and Europe, but Capcom kept giving vague/wishy-washy responses. Eventually we got the confirmation on the game's localization, but what took so long? Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Producer Shintaro Kojima explained.

“The Monster Hunter production team were working on Monster Hunter: World after the release of the Japanese Monster Hunter XX. But there was huge demand for a western version so we decided to bring it to the west.”


Not much of an explanation.

The power of people asking politely.

Lets be honest. They thought like most that the Switch was gonna flop. They probably thought itd only do decent enough in Japan where portables are popular.

re: They were focused on marketing MonHun World, and they thought talking too early about Generations Ultimate would distract from the "message".

"Turns out no-one on our team speaks English AND Japanese... Crazy, huh?"

I expected a BS "answer" and that's what we got.

Sat Jul 21 18 06:57pm
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Why is it a bullshit answer? Capcom clearly didnt have faith in the switch just like many other publishers and developers. And thats not that hard to understand after the massive bomba the wiiu was, if we take the virtual boy out of the equation than the wiiu is nintendos worst selling console to date.

No wonder developers where cautious. I do have to say that capcom support is not all that strong, but its understandable to some degree if you think about it. Its not that hard to understand that capcom wants to focus on one MH title at a time, its a PR nightmare if the game would be even confirmed for the west let alone release a view months before world.

Also why is no one saying that the video is almost 3 weeks old?

This is an old video..


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