Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee dev team talks about the lack of wild battles, making controversial decisions, and keeping the franchise fresh

The following details come from a Famitsu interview with Junichi Masuda...

- Pokémon Let's Go doesn't have wild battles to make it similar to Pokémon GO
- Masuda thinks that the classic catching mechanics may be too difficult for some players, so they simplified the process
- this was a controversial decision even at Game Freak
- Masuda says that since he's the director, it's "his responsibility".
- the fishing minigame has changed and now you wiggle the worm
- Masuda says they need to keep trying new things with the Pokemon franchise to keep it from growing stale
- they intend to continue experimenting with new gameplay styles
- some of these experiments may also generate controversial discussions
- the devs are open/listening to feedback, both positive and negative
- Let's Go's art style was chosen to be more fantasy like, not realistic
- this was so parents could more instantly recognize it as Pokémon, and therefore, a safe game for kids
- a Pokémon with the same CP number in both Let's Go and GO will be stronger in GO
- the person in charge of the music is Shota Kageyama
- they used classical instruments to relax players while listening and create a peaceful world
- Alola forms won't appear in the wild, however there may be a way to obtain them without Pokémon GO

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- Masuda thinks that the classic catching mechanics may be too difficult for some players, so they simplified the process

I disagree. Weakening a Pokemon and or using status effects make it much easier I think.

When I tried Go briefly I was very frustrated by the seemingly pot-luck as to if I would catch a Pokemon or not.

Sun Jul 22 18 09:25am
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This is a good point I hadn't considered. The GO-style catching system was designed to encourage microtransactions, as people were incentivized to buy up berries to make the catch rates higher, and/or pokeballs as they'd quickly run out of them.

Classic pokemon catching was designed as an extension of the overall gameplay, where it was useful to have different kinds of pokemon on your team, some that afflicted status effects or had moves of lower power, in order to solve the minor combat puzzle of getting pokemon as catchable as they can be without fainting. Who knows if berries will still be in Let's Go, or how they'll be rewarded to the player, or if they intend the mechanic to just be how well you time your curveballs or whatever

I actually think it's harder to catch Pokemon in GO. Especially when you get stronger ones. I don't think it has much to do with RNG though since there's RNG when you catch a Pokemon in the regular games but in GO there's a lot more skill that goes into increasing your chances like going for the curve bonus and making sure your Pokeballs aren't throw back at your or miss.

Sat Jul 21 18 03:14pm
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I welcome all these changes, pokemon has been growing stale, or at least has been rushing out for releases, if this game is all it takes to have a superb game release next year, so be it.

Sat Jul 21 18 05:53pm
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It's not like the team working on next years game released ultra last year, so it'll just be the 2 year devcycle on a hd title also!

That said, the hd textures for most pokemon maybe means they were thinking ahead back then so they'll reuse them and spend more time on other pokemon and features.

Dislike the Alola news...no matter how many eggs I hatch, I can never get Vulpix!

Since this is not a "main" pokemon entry, I don't care much about these changes. I will keep my reservations until I get my hands on the game to see if the new mechanics really work. Otherwise, I'll just wait for gen 8

Sat Jul 21 18 05:28pm
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- Masuda thinks that the classic catching mechanics may be too difficult for some players, so they simplified the process

So... he thinks phone players are idiots?

Not every phone player is an idiot. But when you consider that Pokémon GO is a free app, and almost everybody has a smartphone, it means a lower barrier of entry, which means lots more people are able to play it. Lots more players = lots more "idiots", or at least lots more newbies to the Pokémon franchise. How many people just starting out Pokémon are going to know the names of all 806 Pokémon, let alone IV and EV stuff?

Now does that necessarily mean that Pokémon should be "dumbed" down on in a video game that is non-mobile? Guess it depends on what they're trying to achieve. If this is meant to seque Pokémon GO players into the (non-mobile) video games by adding in story elements and Pokémon that are compatible for trading and/or battling with the "hardcore"/"main" games, then why not?

This could end up making gen 1 fun.

He thinks that the classic catching mechanics would be too difficult to understand, but then goes for something as unintuitive like

- a Pokémon with the same CP number in both Let's Go and GO will be stronger in GO

Oh boy the salt is strong. Better pull out the RUINED FOREVER alarm

It's not called Pokémon Let's GO for nothing. It was made with Pokémon Go players in mind. People new to the franchise. So they kept the catching mechanics from GO in order to not alienate or overwhelm new players. Makes sense to me.

Remember, many of us are veterans when it comes to games. Things that are second nature to us can be confusing to others.
It's like switching from iOS to Android after several years. It doesn't just click and you're into it. It takes some time to get used to it.

Pokémon is no different. In GO, you just tap on a Pokémon, throw berries and balls and you're done.
Fights only occur at gyms. You tap to attack or swipe to dodge, while occasionally using your "super move".

Classic Pokémon is much more complicated than that, but you can't just plunge potential new customers in at the deep end, nowadays. Nintendo and TPC want to make sure that these new players will stay with the franchise for a long time and not just drop out after this game because they "didn't get it". I'm sure you know people are like that.

As long as 2019 Pokémon has wild battles I'm okay with it. If not, then Pokémon Let's Go will be my last Pokémon game.

Game Freak has confirmed multiple times that the 2019 Pokemon games will be identical to all of the previous mainline games so no need to worry

Sun Jul 22 18 04:44pm
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I know. It's the main reason why I still pre-ordered Let's Go Pikachu. Because it does look decent fun. But it's not a true Pokémon experience. At least not to me. I think I'll finish it within a day.

There is absolutely zero difficulty in this game. And catching Pokémon is purely luck based. Meaning getting stuck somewhere would be the end of the game, or throwing away in game cash on hundreds of PokéBalls.

However knowing that there will be a real Pokémon experience in 2019, I can oversee this problem and still enjoy myself with the Let's Go games.


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