Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - information on version 1.5.1

The information comes from Perfectly Nintendo...

New quests (translated from Japanese)
- Shipwreck’s Boosters: available from Chapter 3
- Popular Patissier: available from Chapter 8. Requires the following Rare Blades: Boreas, Gorg. You need to clear Gorg’s Blade quest first: “Follow Your Passion”
- Master Artisan’s accessories: available from Chapter 7
- Hot Spring Trip in Mor Ardain: available from Chapter 10. Requires the following Rare Blades: Sheba, Kora, and Kasandra with One Lucky Gal Lvl. 3
- Mysterious Activation Code: available from Chapter 10. Requires the following Rare Blades: Adenine with Extra Ancient Wisdom Lvl. 5, Kos-Mos

- new Rare Blade is called Hibana. She was designed by Atto, voiced by Natsumi Takamori
- weapon is a Bitball, and attribute is Fire

- new rewards are being added to Challenge Battle Mode
- including new costumes, but also an item that allows you to raise Tora’s Idea stats.

For Expansion Pass owners
- new difficulty options: Very Hard, Custom (available from System > Options  Game Settings, after loading the game)
- new option to switch the BGM for Unique monsters to “You Will Know Our Names” if you have Shulk or Fiora in your party

More screenshots here!

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