HORI Left D-Pad Joy-Con causing battery drain issue

Looks like HORI has an issue to work out with their Left D-Pad Joy-Con. The company has released a statement stating that the Joy-Con is draining the Switch's battery even when it's in sleep mode. For now, HORI is asking consumers to detach the Joy-Con when they're done using it. The company is hard at work on a solution.

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It feels like this controller is a collection of bad decisions. How much longer must we wait for a joy con with a decent D-pad?

nintendo really should just release a dpad joycon of their own

Well they licensed the product so that counts. Anything hori makes is obviously getting that official seal from Nintendo.

Thu Jul 26 18 05:45pm
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Wasn't there another Hori controller for Switch that had a big oversight?

So I know I'm coming from the perspective of actually liking the separate buttons and that's probably affecting how I see this, but this just doesn't seem like a great product to me. I've seen custom Joy Con with a D-Pad that look much better plus they have the full functionality of the standard Joy Con. It seems like people who really want the D-Pad could do better than this, even after they fix the battery issue... I usually like HORI's stuff too, I have a great game cart case from them sitting beside me right now!


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