Switch breaks eleven-year decline for the console market in Japan

CESA, the Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association, keeps track of all sorts of game industry statistics in Japan. The company has just released some new details for the console side of things, revealing just how big of a hit the Switch has been. In 2017, the video game console market hit 386,700,000,000 yen (USD3.5 billion) in sales, which is a 22.7% increase year-on-year. The console industry in Japan has been in decline for 11 years now, but that has all changed with the Switch. CESA has attributed the Switch alone in reversing this downward trend.

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Sun Jul 29 18 06:31pm
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I'm just waiting for a comment from a certain Irishman, downplaying this fact with something like: "Japanese sure love their handhelds" or some such thing, completely disregarding those numbers very much include the whole of the 3ds lifetime.

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The industry needs to learn stuff from Nintendo. Because Nintendo is the only one saving the game industry.

Wow! That's impressive! I understand completely though, it's such a high-quality, versatile system!

Indeed! And with some great games, I must add. Nintendo really hit the ball out of the park here. Wonder when we'll get a new Direct. I'm guessing September.

The rumor was for 22nd July wasn't it? Pity that didn't happen. September makes sense, but with online launching then they might want to do it sooner.

Completely agree about all the great games too!


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